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Online Learning

A Distinctly Different Way to Learn

Expand Your Knowledge and Global Network
Follow your passion, explore a career change or prepare for more advanced study with our intensive online courses that offer a deep understanding of pivotal art history movements and of the ever changing world of art business. You will study with students from across the globe gaining international perspectives, real world experiences and an opportunity to learn from and connect with like-minded people from Paris to Hong Kong to São Paulo.

Experience an Interactive Approach to Online Learning
Engage in research, share your insights and experiences, ask questions and contribute to lively discussion. With the personal interactive nature of our small class size you gain access to practicing art world professionals including Sotheby’s Institute of Art MA faculty and receive individualized attention from the instructor. Courses are organized in an easy-to-navigate logical sequence that includes materials such as video, audio, image galleries and readings.

Enjoy Convenience and Flexibility
Learn on your own schedule, on your own terms from anywhere in the world. You can access the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the 6-week period, giving you the freedom to participate in the course when you choose from the comfort of your home. 

Fall 2015, 6-week Online Sessions

6-week Online Session II
October 5th – November 15th, 2015

6-week Online Session I - currently in session
September 14th - October 25th, 2015

Pre-Course Workshop

A Pre-Course Workshop (PCW) will be available to you for a week before your class begins. The PCW operates the same way as the class will, so you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the technology and the dynamics of online teaching and learning before the class starts. Participation in the PCW is not required, but it is strongly encouraged as students who complete the experience have a better chance of success.

Certificates of Completion

To reward your work in successfully completing the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Successful completion is defined by each instructor in the course syllabus and consists, at the least, of regular, thoughtful participation in online activities and the submission of assigned papers or projects.

Course fees

Registration Fee: $15


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