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Sotheby's Institute of Art is delighted to introduce the MA in Art Business (Online). Through immersive online learning, the master's degree program enables participants to cultivate expertise in art business and attain a comprehensive comprehension of art markets and management.

In today's rapidly evolving world, the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds. The digital age has transformed education, breaking down geographical barriers and offering unprecedented opportunities for learning. Sotheby's Institute of Art introduces an online delivery of our signature MA in Art Business. The MA in Art Business (Online) is designed for learners seeking flexibility in their academic journey. This program offers a minimum 2-year track, with options for participants to customize their pace, whether accelerating their studies to just 18 months or extending them up to five semesters.

Starting in the Fall semester, students will delve into this dynamic online experience, featuring two pre-recorded video lectures each week for independent viewing, along with a live virtual class held at a scheduled time. Additionally, students will benefit from extensive library resources, faculty guidance, and opportunities for collaborative learning. The curriculum remains aligned with the listed in-person MA at Sotheby’s Institute in New York and is accredited by NASAD (the National Association of Schools of Art and Design).

This innovative approach enables working professionals and students from diverse backgrounds to pursue an MA in Art Business affordably while maintaining the highest level of flexibility and engagement with our esteemed faculty and peers. Students will be seamlessly integrated into a thriving professional community, with networking opportunities and career advancement avenues. Through connections with an extensive network of art professionals, students will gain access to virtual career fairs and coveted internship openings, propelling them towards success in the art world.

"The Masters of Art Business (Online), a program designed for art market professionals of the future, reflects our changing time and the necessity of flexibility in delivery of higher learning on a global platform." – Ann-Marie Richard, Director, Sotheby’s Institute of Art-New York.

The program offers unparalleled access to distinguished guest speakers from prestigious international art organizations. Past thought leaders who have participated in enriching our in-person classes and graduation ceremonies include notable art business CEO’s, museum, gallery and foundation curators and directors.

Students will have the opportunity to build an extraordinary portfolio by engaging in signature projects. These projects range from crafting themed auction sales catalogues and writing condition reports to curating art exhibitions, honing valuation skills, preparing for contract negotiations, articulating critical reviews, and developing entrepreneurial projects. Furthermore, through virtual platforms, students can engage in career fairs and explore internship opportunities, connecting with industry experts and expanding their professional connections.

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Build your art expertise with the Master's in Art Business (Online).