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Now accepting applications for MA programs starting Fall 2018. Apply Now.

If you are thinking of submitting an application for our Master’s or Summer programs, please familiarize yourself with the admissions requirements for each program. For more information, we encourage you to attend an Open Day, Information Session near you or book an appointment to visit the Institute at our New York Campus.

Campus Visits

Appointments to visit the New York Campus can be arranged where you can discuss any questions about the program and the admissions process. If you are unable to visit the campus we can also arrange a telephone appointment if more convenient.

To schedule a visit or telephone appointment, please contact Anupama Chakravartti at

Private Group Sessions:

Sotheby’s Institute of Art’s Admissions Department is happy to accommodate private information sessions for art groups/art history departments. To schedule your private tour for your group please contact Anupama Chakravartti, Associate Director of Admissions at

Graduate Certificate Option:

A two-semester Graduate Certificate is available to students who complete the required coursework for an MA Degree program but who do not wish to complete a Master’s Project or Thesis.

For International Students

Explore our resource guide, which includes information about international student services, career opportunities for international students, housing, and visa information.

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Sotheby’s Institute of Art accepts Master’s Degree submissions year-round. Apply early to receive priority consideration for admission, scholarships, and financial aid.

Submitting your application early provides not only priority consideration, but exclusive privileges to those admitted by earlier deadlines such as invitations to Sotheby’s Institute’s Global Open House, private art world events, and VIP networking and career development programs.

Late applications will be considered on a space available basis. International students are encouraged to apply no later than Round 3 to ensure time to secure a visa.

Priority Consideration Round 1: March 1, 2018

Decisions announced by mid-April.

Priority Consideration Round 2: April 2, 2018

Decisions announced by early May.  

Round 3: May 14, 2018

Decisions announced by mid-June.

Round 4: July 9, 2018

Decisions announced by mid-August.

Entrance Requirements

All MA applicants are required to have completed a BA degree or its equivalent. Students in their final undergraduate year may apply for admission and will be required to provide proof of graduation prior to registration.

Applicants should demonstrate the following skills:

  • The ability to perform at a postgraduate level, as indicated by academic achievement and recommendations.
  • Knowledge of art history. This generally requires an undergraduate art history major or minor. In special cases, art-related work experience or exceptional exposure to art making and/or collecting will satisfy this requirement. (Applicants with insufficient art history background may be required to take coursework at the Institute or an institution of their choice that is approved by the Institute’s faculty.)
  • The ability to speak, write and analyze required subject matter fluently in English.

Work experience is not required. However, relevant employment and/or internships enhance a student’s application.

To prepare for graduate study at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, there are select online, summer, and semester courses that will enable incoming MA students to secure a strong foundation, especially for those who do not have an art history background. These courses are recommended for students looking to improve their art history knowledge, or who receive an offer of enrollment contingent upon gaining foundational knowledge in a key area.  

GRE Test Scores

Sotheby’s Institute of Art is pleased to accept the GRE test.  The GRE is not a required element of our application process, however we will factor in test scores as part of our decision process for those candidates who have taken the test. The Code for Sotheby’s Institute of Art is 4161.

Required Documentation

  • Academic transcripts/mark sheets from all post-secondary academic institutions attended. An official copy of the transcript, indicating that the degree has been awarded, must be sent directly from the student’s institution to Sotheby’s Institute in a sealed envelope. Copies of the transcript are sufficient in the meantime. Official international transcripts must be accompanied by certified English evaluations. For more information, please visit the World Education Services at
  • Two letters of reference. These should be sent directly from your referees/references (academic or professional) either by mail to the New York campus (address below), or sent from a professional email address directly to Anupama Chakravartti at The required Reference Forms can be downloaded here.
  • Personal Statement (max 1000 words). Please tell us about your reasons for your choice of program, any relevant academic or art related experience, and your future career goals.
  • A writing sample. The writing sample helps the Admission Committee understand how a prospective student develops ideas, creates a theme or a position, communicates and defends the work in writing. Please submit one of the following: 1) A graded paper of no fewer than 1000 words, from a formal art history course, completed within the last 3 years. Include citations as originally submitted. OR 2) A 1000-word original essay for an art magazine (Frieze, Art Review or Artforum for example). Look at examples in the magazine and consider both the profile of the publication and the purpose of the article. Your essay should be a mock review of a current art exhibition that you have experienced directly. You should address some or all of these components: analysis of the works of art, information on the artist and his/her career, commentary on the installation of the exhibition, profile of host gallery or museum. Remember that your editor has asked for 1000 words: if you send him/her fewer than 900 or over 1100 words it will not be accepted. Footnotes are required for any citations.
  • A CV/resume that includes all relevant art related background.
  • English language proficiency exam. The Institute does require an English language Proficiency Exam for non-native English speakers. We require the following exam scores for Masters: IELTS level 7: TOEFL 100 IBT for the internet based exam; If you have received an undergraduate degree from an Institute where you were taught in English it may be possible to waive the English language Proficiency Exam, upon review of your application.
  • An Interview. This is an opportunity for candidates to discuss their interests and abilities as well as to explore ways in which the Institute can help them meet their educational and career goals. Interviews may be conducted by members of the admissions staff, a faculty member or the director of the applicant’s program of choice and generally include a discussion of art historical or art related subjects and images. In person interviews are preferable and encouraged although telephone interviews may be arranged in cases where travel to either the London or New York campus is a hardship.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $100 (USD).

Tuition Fees


Scholarships and Financial Assistance
We understand that graduate education is an investment, which is why we are proud to offer scholarships and financial assistance to all applicants who demonstrate prior academic excellence and whose professional experience or backgrounds will enhance the profile of the student body. Awards, generally of $5,000 or more, are determined by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Committee based upon submitted application materials. Speak to your Admissions advisor to find out more.

Tuition and Fees for Master’s Degree (42 credits)
Deposit: $1,000
Semester 1: $22,300 + Field Study $3,400
Semester 2: $23,300 + Field Study $3,400
Semester 3 (Thesis/Master’s Project + two electives): $23,300

Tuition and Fees for Master’s Degree (36 credits)
Deposit: $1,000
Semester 1: $22,300 + Field Study $3,400
Semester 2: $23,300 + Field Study $3,400
Semester 3 (Thesis/Master’s Project only*): $17,300
*Thesis/Master’s Project may be completed off-campus.

Tuition and Fees for Graduate Certificate (30 credits)
Deposit: $1,000
Semester 1: $22,300 + Field Study $3,400
Semester 2: $23,300 + Field Study $3,400

The program requires a minimum of 36 academic credits for the Master’s degree and a minimum of 30 academic credits for the Graduate Certificate.

Field Study Fee: $3,400 per semester. All MA programs require field-study travel in semesters one and two. The travel fee covers airfare, accommodations, and privileged access to art world events and experiences in both domestic and international destinations. Travel fees for both semesters are due during registration for the Semester 1.

Financial Assistance

Sotheby's Institute of Art-New York offers full-time students financial assistance through both need-based and merit-based aid; US citizens may also participate in several federal loan programs.

Acceptance to Sotheby’s Institute of Art is a prerequisite for the awarding of financial assistance. Applicants for financial assistance must complete and submit the Application for Admission prior to their financial assistance application and must complete all aspects of the admissions process, including the interview, prior to consideration for an award.

Sotheby’s Institute of Art Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Institutional scholarships and financial assistance, in the form of partial-tuition awards, is intended to provide assistance to students in paying their tuition and fees; it will not fully fund the cost of attending. Both financial need and academic merit will be taken into account by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Committee. Financial need will be weighted more heavily in the determination of grants while academic merit/professional accomplishment will receive more emphasis for merit awards.

Lynne Newman Scholarships
Sotheby’s Institute of Art-New York is pleased to offer five scholarships named in honor of the family of Lynne Newman, a passionate patron of the arts and lifelong supporter of art education. The scholarships are $20,000 each and will benefit MA students beginning their studies at Sotheby’s Institute of Art-New York in the fall of 2018.  Scholarships will be awarded based on merit and financial need and credited directly towards tuition fees. In order to be considered, you must submit your full application to the admissions committee by July 9th. Scholarship awards will be announced by July 31st. Those that have already applied for scholarships and financial aid will automatically be considered for this scholarship program.

How to Apply
Applicants accepted into the program will be sent the Application for Financial Assistance. Funds are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to submit the online application before the priority deadline. For more information please contact: Anupama Chakravartti at

US Federal Loans

Students who are US citizens are eligible for the William D. Ford Direct Student Loan program and for the Direct PLUS Loan program. Student and PLUS loans are unsubsidized. Students are responsible for the interest on an unsubsidized loan from the time the loan is made. No payments are required on any federal student loan until 6 months after a student leaves school or if he/she enrolls in fewer than 6 credits. If possible, students may want to pay accrued interest on an unsubsidized loan while enrolled; if not, the interest that accrues while in school is added to the amount owed upon graduation. An unsubsidized student loan is not based on need; students who wish to borrow additional money beyond tuition and fees may do so.

The Institute has a Virtual Financial Aid Office for applying to Federal student loan programs. Completion of the loan application form on the VFAO website is required in order to be considered for federal aid. The VFAO also provides an overview of federal assistance and a detailed guide to the application process.

How to Apply
William D. Ford Direct Student Loan program

There are three steps in the loan application process:

1. Complete and submit the Institute’s Financial Assistance application form. Please email for the 2018-2019 form.
2. Complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
3. Visit the VFAO and complete the loan application form. Completion of the VFAO loan application form is required in order to be eligible for federal loans. Failure to complete the application on the VFAO website could significantly delay your student loans (VFAO will be available in April 2018).

US citizens must also complete the online application for FAFSA. Our federal school code number is G41798.

Direct Plus Loan

Please visit for information about completing this application.

When to Apply
Applications for US Federal Loans for the 2018-19 academic year will be accepted through June 29, 2018.

Private Loans

International (non-US) students can apply for loans through their country of citizenship. Non-US students may consider applying for private bank loans.

Additional Information and Assistance

For information about institutional grants and merit awards or to discuss the cost of attending, contact the Institute via email at

Sallie Mae

If you are pursuing a degree in New York or London, you are eligible to obtain a private loan through Sallie Mae. For more information, visit

Veterans’ Assistance

Post 9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2008

Sotheby’s Institute of Art is approved for the training of veterans and immediate family members in accordance with the Provisions of Section 3675, Title 38, US Code. Applicants will be deemed eligible by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Please visit for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which application(s) do I need to complete?

All applicants for financial assistance must complete the institutional Financial Assistance Application form (available soon). U.S. citizens should file the FAFSA online at

Are International students eligible for financial assistance?
Non- US citizens can apply for the Institute’s scholarships and grants only. Federal aid-eligible non-citizens should file the FAFSA online at

What is the Institute’s six-digit federal school code (for FAFSA)?
Our federal school code number is G41798.

How can I get information about my financial assistance award?
You will be notified by email soon after we have entered your financial assistance award into your student account. We'll also notify you promptly if your award changes for any reason.

Do I have to reapply for financial assistance every year?
Student Financial Services sends out reminders regularly, but it is your responsibility to complete a new financial assistance application prior to each academic year.

With whom can I speak if I have a problem with or question about my account in general or a particular bill?
Any questions about your account or a particular bill should be directed to our Finance Department

How can I pay my student account balance?
Payments can be may be made by check, credit card, or electronic transfer.

By Check
Checks should be made payable to: Sotheby's Institute of Art – NY

Please include the student’s name and the name of the degree program on the check, and send it to:

Sotheby's Institute of Art
570 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Attn: Department of Finance

All checks should be drawn on a US bank account and be in US dollars.

By Electronic Transfer
If paying by Electronic Transfer, please add $25 to the total payment to cover incoming wire fees. Failure to do so could result in delays in the processing of your payment.

By Credit Card
You may charge your deposit (non-refundable and non-transferable) on Visa, MasterCard or American Express by contacting our Finance Department at (212) 897-6642. Please note that an administrative fee of 3% will be added to payments made via credit card. For additional information contact our Finance Department at (212) 897-6642 or by email at

Where will my invoice be mailed?
In an effort to offer greater access to invoice and payment information, as well as reduce our impact on the environment, Sotheby’s Institute of Art – New York utilizes electronic invoices. Students do not receive a paper invoice at their official mailing address and will instead receive a notification at their Sotheby’s Institute of Art – New York e-mail account when an invoice is ready to be viewed.

When are tuition and fees payments due?
Invoices for the fall semester are emailed in June with a payment due date of July 31, 2018 and invoices for the spring semester are emailed in November with a payment due date of December 14, 2018.

What if I need additional copies of my bill?
Contact our Finance Department at (212) 897-6642 or by email at

Online Application

Now accepting applications for MA programs starting Fall 2018. Apply Now.

The online application system allows candidates to submit scanned copies of all required documents, with the exception of recommendations and official transcripts (students may upload copies of transcripts to move the admissions process along). If necessary, transcripts, recommendations and other relevant documents may be submitted separately from the application and at a later date. However, it is required that all documents be received prior to an applicant’s interview.

For more information please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

For International Students

Explore our resources guide, which includes information about:

  • Our Student Body & Alumni
  • International Student Services
  • Career Development Opportunities for International Students
  • Housing
  • F-1 Student Visa

After You Apply

Applicants will receive an email from the admissions team acknowledging receipt of their application within 1–2 business days. This email will include an update on any documents or required information that may still be outstanding. These should then be sent directly to the campus at which the application was submitted.


After the admissions team has received sufficient documentation, eligible candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Admissions Decisions

The admissions committee reviews and processes applications on a “rolling basis.” This means that applications are considered throughout the year as long as space is available. Applicants whose documentation is complete generally receive an admissions decision within two weeks of their interview.

Confirmation of Attendance and Deposit

Admissions Committee decisions will be sent by email. A deposit of (non-refundable and non-transferable) $1000 is required of accepted applicants and must be returned with the Admissions Candidate Reply Form in order to hold a place in the department and campus of choice. Accepted applicants who require additional time to make this decision and deposit must contact the Office of Admissions to request an extension.

Deferral Fee

If a student chooses to reserve a seat for the following year, we require a non-refundable and non-transferable fee for $1000.


Applicants who require visas are advised to apply through their appropriate consulate or other government agencies at least 10 weeks prior to the start of classes in order to ensure sufficient time for processing. Students who require visas will receive visa documentation after they confirm their intention to enroll by returning their reply forms and deposits (non-refundable and non-transferable).

Online Welcome Site

Applicants who have confirmed their intention to attend the Institute by returning the Admissions Candidate Reply Form and deposit will be given access to the New Students’ Welcome Site. This site will provide an opportunity to meet other entering students and to access important information about accommodations and health care. Reading lists and other academic information will be posted on the site during the summer.


Sotheby’s Institute of Art-New York does not provide housing for graduate level students, but we are happy to recommend some resources to help you find an apartment or share in one of New York City’s five boroughs.

Click here to find out about accommodation options during your time at Sotheby's Institute - New York.


Global Admissions
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Tel: +1.646.438.7234

New York Campus
Admissions Office
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