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The priority deadline for MA applications is March 1st, 2016. Applications received after March 1st will be considered based on space availability.

Sotheby’s Institute of Art is the Graduate School of Art and its Markets offering Master’s Degree programs in the cultural capitals of London, New York and Los Angeles.

Originally conceived as a training program for connoisseurship by Sotheby’s Auction House in 1969, Sotheby’s Institute has pioneered the education of arts professionals and is today one of the most prestigious degree-granting institutions of its kind. The Institute has more than 6,000 alumni worldwide who hold top positions in all facets of the international art world.

Core Curriculum – London and New York

All of the Master’s programs at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London and New York are enhanced by a core curriculum that provides a powerful set of professional skills and critical understandings for our students to mobilize at the completion of their degrees.

The core curriculum brings students from all areas of study together for a common introduction to current issues in the art world – its structures and organizations, as well as its essential skills and protocols. Site visits, lectures and panels, case studies and workshops provide students with both new information and context, as well as real-world examples and experiences.

Build Your Concentration

The flexible structure of the Master’s program allows students to concentrate their studies on a chosen field by selecting elective courses. Specialist subject areas in which Sotheby’s Institute of Art - London faculty have high level of expertise include Contemporary Design, Photography, East Asian Art and Curating.

  • Curating - This concentration is intended for students who want to hone their curatorial skills and their understanding of global trends and debates in curatorial practices, including expertise in curating in the context of museum strategy and display, curating contemporary art and curating in the Asian context.
  • Contemporary Design - An ideal path for students looking towards a career in the design world, this concentration examines the rich and exciting plurality of approaches which have emerged in design since 1980 in terms of concept, materials and process. Subjects of study include Post Modernism, Narrative and Critical Design, Sustainability, the rise of computer-aided and digital design, and the cross-overs with fine art embedded in the Design Art phenomenon.
  • Photography - The electives of this concentration are dedicated to two main areas of study: Network Studies and Documentary. Under the first heading, students will examine the question as to how photography became recognised as an art form and gain insight into photography’s place within the art market. Under the second, students will examine the interplay of politics and aesthetics in global photography since 1968. The concentration provides an insight into the ever-expanding network for art photography today, including photography’s place within the art market.
  • East Asian Art - This concentration reflects our strong expertise in the particular contexts of China, Japan and Korea. The electives offered within the concentration cover both specialist material on traditional art forms such as Chinese painting and ceramics, as well as contemporary Chinese art and curating in the Asian context. Students will develop skills that will be highly transferable to the ever-growing need in the expanding Asian art world within galleries, museums and auction houses in the main cultural centres such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo.

Postgraduate Diploma Option

A two-semester Postgraduate Diploma is available to students who complete the required coursework for an MA Degree program but who do not wish to write a Master's Degree Dissertation.

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