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Gareth Fletcher

Director of Art and Technology

PhD Researcher, Kingston University, London
MA, Sotheby's Institute of Art, London
BFA and BA, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Gareth Fletcher lectures on a range of subjects across Art Logistics and Art Business. As well as his role as Director of Art and Technology, he is Leader of the Art Crime online intensive course. He also lectures the application and adoption of blockchain systems within the art market for the Art & Tech: Data, Market Analysis and Blockchain online intensive programme. He has received a TECHNE AHRC scholarship to pursue his PhD examining the semiotics of provenance information in the establishment of cultural and economic value in the market for Near Eastern antiquities. His current research explores the interface between the contextual information of cultural objects and technology, and the integration of traditional art market processes within Web 3.0 applications. He sits on the Advisory Board for the Responsible Art Market (RAM) London Committee.

Gareth Fletcher
  • Publications


    The Ethics of Provenance Research and the Art Market,’ in The Provenance Research Today : Principles, Practice, Problems, edited by Arthur Tomkins, London: Lund Humphries (2020)

    Scores on the Doors: Establishing a Certificate of Virtue Framework for Future Art Market Regulation’ Cultural Heritage Law and Ethics: Mapping Recent Developments #26, Geneva: Schulthess, 2017.

    Fakes, Forgeries and Thefts,’ in Art Business Today: 20 Key Topics, edited by Jos Hackforth-Jones and Iain Robertson, 106-114, London: Lund Humphries, 2016
  • Conferences/Lectures


    Delivered ‘But What Does the Text Actually Mean?: Decoding Provenance Information through Hermeneutic Analysis’ at the Thinking Provenance, Thinking Restitution Workshop co-chaired by the University of Oxford, Oxford and Universität Bonn, Bonn, January 2021.

    Delivered 'Provenance on the Blockchain: Might the Art Market be Placing too much Trust in Decentralised Information Systems?' at the ‘Exploring Blockchain in the Cultural Sector’ Conference at University of Manchester, Manchester, October 2020.

    Delivered 'The Complexity of Control: An Evaluation of the Discourse Between Regulation and Deterrence in the Future Economics of the International Art Market' at the 2018 Interdisciplinary Art Crime conference organised by Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA), Italy, June 2018.

    Delivered 'Different Strokes for Different Folks: A Re-Evaluation of the Ontology of Provenance Research towards a more Responsive Research Discipline’ at 2018 Transatlantic Cultural Property Crime Symposium: Combatting Cultural Property Crime: New Directions and Multidisciplinary Collaboration, organised by Queen Mary University of London,
    London, June 2018.

    Delivered ‘The Utility of Trust: A Comparative Analysis of the Presentation and Impact of Provenance Information in Establishing Consumer Confidence within the Art Fair’ at The Art Fair conference organised by The International Art Market Studies Association (TIAMSA), Sotheby's Institute of Art, London, July 2017.

    Delivered ‘The Discretion Question: A Comparative Evaluation of the Market Impact of Provenance Information and its Contribution to Perceptions of Trust’ at the 2017 Interdisciplinary Art Crime conference organised by Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA), Italy, June 2017.

    Delivered ‘But is it Really Museum Quality? – Evaluating The Impact Of Institutional Provenance Within the International Art Market’ at the Private Collecting, Public Display: Art Markets and Museums conference, Centre for the Study for the Art and Antiques Market, University of Leeds, Leeds, March 2017.

    Delivered ‘Scores on the Doors: Establishing a Certificate of Virtue Framework for Future Art Market Regulation’, as part of the ‘Art and Cultural Heritage: What Is the Role for Ethics?’ panel during the Second All Art and Cultural Heritage Law Conference at the University of Geneva, Geneva, June 2016.

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