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International Art Business

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International Art Business

Delivered in partnership with LARRY'S LIST, this Asia-focused course is a comprehensive exploration of the intricate and evolving landscape of art business, offering participants an in-depth understanding of the organisations and structures operating within the international art market.

The course navigates through various aspects of the art and cultural sector, examining its various identities, roles, and the unique interplay of its dynamic components.

Throughout the programme, participants will engage with relevant case studies and industry resources, particularly from Asia, and be exposed to real-time perspectives on the international art market. The course will also provide practical analytical tools and methodologies to comprehend market dynamics, alongside access to the latest developments and insights across the evolving international art market.

Read more about the Sothebys Institute of Art partnership with LARRY’S LIST.

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  • Date
    February 19, 21, 26, 28, March 4
  • Time
    6pm - 8pm HKT / 10am - 12pm GMT
  • Duration
    2 Weeks
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    Live Course
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    • Art Business
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  • Contact Admissions 646-438-7268


Gareth Fletcher

Director of Art and Technology

Gareth Fletcher is a Lecturer and Seminar Tutor in Art Business. He holds a BA (Art History, History) and BFA (Film) from the University of Canterbury (New Zealand), and is a graduate of the Sotheby’s Institute MA in Art Business program who has worked in a variety of roles within the London art market.

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  • Requirements


    We highly encourage participants with at least 3 years of post-graduate work experience for a smooth and successful course experience. A general knowledge of the contemporary art world and market will also benefit participants.

    Age Requirement
    Courses are open to participants 18 years of age or older.

    For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

  • Students Will Learn

    Students Will Learn

    • Gain an understanding of art as a global financial asset, including its role in wealth management.
    • Acquire practical knowledge and tools for engaging with the Asian and international art markets.
    • Learn to analyse historical art market trends to predict future market developments.
    • Explore the impact of technological innovations like blockchain, NFTs, and AI on the art market.
  • Course Completion

    Course Completion

    Course participants take away in-depth and valuable insight into the current and future art world. Those who successfully complete their course will receive a certificate of completion from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

    Sotheby’s Institute of Art course participants come from all over the world, from a wide variety of backgrounds. As they study, travel, and explore the art world alongside each other throughout the program, fierce and long-lasting collaborations are frequently born. Individuals who complete these courses join our network of over 8,000 past participants round the globe who hold top positions at renowned art organizations.

  • Sample Topics

    Sample Topics

    • The International Art Market Today
    • Structures, Roles, and Responsibilities in the Art World
    • Establishing Value in the Primary and Secondary Markets
    • The Emergence of Art as an Alternative Asset Class
    • Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Global Art Market in the 21st Century