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At Sotheby's Institute of Art, our students, alumni, and friends trust us to safeguard their information, and we take that responsibility seriously. After more than a year’s worth of work to define, reinforce and improve Sotheby’s Institute's approach to privacy, we're pleased to provide an update on what changes we’ve made to our privacy practices.

New privacy and data usage terms

Sotheby's Institute has updated our official privacy statement to reflect the current and future principles you can expect when you use our services, and for full transparency on how we manage data.

Explicit consent to be contacted

In April and May 2018, we’ve been asking our contacts to confirm that they want to stay on our list to receive art world news, insights, and deals. To help us deliver the best and most appropriate information, we’re also trying to gather information on location and interests. Starting May 25, when someone signs up to receive more information from Sotheby’s Institute, we'll ask for explicit consent and send you a double opt-in email to confirm your address. This requirement is both to ensure that users are presented with the information needed to make an informed decision about their personal information and be given the chance to agree to it and to further communications.

Manage cookies

In simple terms, cookies are data that a website can use to store information within a user's browser to improve a user’s experience on the website. We’re starting to implement a new way for users to manage cookies that are issued, stored and used by Sotheby's Institute. An industry-leading solution from OneTrust will let users get information about, approve, and manage or block cookies that are installed in their browser by Sotheby's Institute's website.


And finally…don’t forget to “opt in” to Sotheby's Institute communications! Fill out this form to ensure you receive newsletters, invitations, and special promotions. Come back at any time if you need to update your information.