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Suzanne Siano

Chief Conservator and Director, Modern Art Conservation, Guest Speaker, New York

Suzanne Siano is the Chief Conservator and Director of Modern Art Conservation, a large private conservation practice located in Chelsea. Beginning as an apprentice in Florence, Italy, in 1989, Suzanne went on to earn a certificate in art conservation from the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU. For 13 years Suzanne was part of the Paintings Conservation team at The Museum of Modern Art, developing an expertise in the conservation of modern and contemporary paintings and mixed media works.

In addition to museum conservation, Suzanne was Associate Conservator in two private New York conservation studios before starting her own practice, Modern Art Conservation, in 2007. Today, her team includes six paintings conservators, a sculpture conservator and a support staff of technicians, a photographer and registrar. Artworks from the late 19th century to the present are examined and treated and clients include museums, private and corporate collections, galleries, auction houses, insurance companies, art advisors and artists. Suzanne lectures extensively on topics such as damage and loss, authentication, disaster planning, collections care, collaborations with artists, modern materials, and conservation of non-traditional materials. Since 2006, she has been an Adjunct Professor at the Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts, training future conservators the specialized area of modern and contemporary paintings conservation.

Suzanne Siano

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