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Stéphanie Jeanjean

Adjunct Faculty, MA, New York

Ph.D. in Art History, 2012, The Graduate Center, CUNY (The City University of New York), New York, NY.
M.Phil. (DEA: Diplôme d'études approfondies) in Art History, 1998, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France.

Stéphanie Jeanjean is an art historian, educator, curator, and translator.
In writing, her research contributes to the history and institutionalization of French video art, informs about feminist militant practices in video and printmaking, as well as participates in documenting Sociological art.
She has spoken on these topics in various conferences in the United States (CAA, Residency Unlimited, FRESCO, WhiteBox, Art Students League of New York), England (Tate Britain), and South Korea (KAIST). In 2021, she is visiting professor at The Sorbonne University (Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris 1).
Her last curated project WE DISSENT: Design of the Women's Movement in New York, at 41 Cooper Gallery in New York, presented the work of more than 130 women artists and collectives (listed "10 Under-the-Radar Art Show" by Roberta Smith, The New York Times , Nov. 2018).
Stéphanie is currently launching a book series called “Anachronies,” which is dedicated to new scholarships on modern and contemporary art, artists’ writings and archives, as well as translations of original texts into English.
In addition to Sotheby’s Institute, Stéphanie Jeanjean teaches Art History at The Cooper Union in New York. She is also a regular speaker, as Gallery Educator, at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (Adult and Mind’s Eye Programs) and, as expert in modern and contemporary French and European art, in France and in Europe with Smithsonian Journeys.

Stéphanie Jeanjean
  • Exhibitions


    WE DISSENT… Design of the Women’s Movement in New York, 41 Cooper Gallery, The Cooper Union, New York, NY. Co-curator (exhibition concept and narrative), with Alexander Tochilovsky (exhibition design), 2018.

    Extraordinary French Feminist Video of the Early 1970s, part of “Tales of the 1%: An Anti-Bourgeois Film Series,” Brecht Forum, Brooklyn, New York, NY. Curator, 2014.

    Maso et Miso vont en bateau (Militant Video by Women’s Collectives in France in the 1970s), with Alaina Claire Feldman (curator associate). Series of screenings and round-table discussions with special guests: writer and activist Kate Millett and feminist artist Martha Wilson. The Kitchen, New York, NY. Co-curator, 2012.

    A.T.E. (Art Technology Experiment) Cyril Lecomte-Languérand, France Languérand, Hye Rim Lee, Bundith Phunsombatlert. Co-curator: Hyewon Yi. Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, SUNY (State University of New York) College at Old Westbury, Old Westbury, NY. Co-curator, 2012.

    Archaeology of New York. Co-curated with Yunkyoung Kim. Korean Cultural Services, Gallery Korea, New York, NY. Co-curator, 2006.

    Once Upon a Time 1, NURTUREart, Brooklyn, NY. Curator, 2006.

    China Blue: Fluid Paths, Galerie-Appartement Interface and Atheneum, Université de Bourgogne: Dijon, France. Curator, 2004.
  • Publications


    “Yellow Vests: Gilets Jaunes: A Contemporary Snapshot of the Meaning of Signs.” Journal of Liberal Arts and Humanities (JLAH), Vol. 1; No. 1, January 2020 pp. 29–36. ISSN 2690-070X (Print) and 2690-0718 (Online)

    “Socio-Ecologico-Critico Intruders in the History of Early French Video” In François Bovier and Adeena Mey eds., Cinema in the Expanded Field. Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland: ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne and JRP-Ringier Editions (2016): 138–161. Print.

    “Disobedient Video in France in the 1970s: Video Production by Women’s Collectives.” Afterall: A Journal of Art, Context, and Enquiry (London: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and University of the Arts London; Chicago: The University of Chicago Press), no. 27, Summer 2011: 5–16. Print. Selected to be reprinted with a new introduction in Afterall: A Journal of Art, Context, and Enquiry, in “Looking Back, Looking Forward: 20 Years of Afterall,” no. 48, Autumn/Winter 2019: 119–126. Print. Also selected from the latter issue for a Reading Group curated by Lauren Houlton at Art Catalyst (London), organized in collaboration with Afterall Journal, January 22nd 2020.

    “Disobedient Video in the 1970s: Video Production by Women’s Collectives” (Originally printed in: Afterall: Journal, 2011). Reprint in: Hilary Robinson ed., Feminism Art Theory. Oxford, UK: Wiley Editions (2015). Print.

    “Video ‘Actions’ by Fred Forest in the early 1970s.” In Fred Forest Retrospective: L’Homme Media no. 1. Enghien-les-Bains, France: Centre des Arts, 2013. Print, in English and French. Reprinted in Fred Forest: Rétrospective Centre Pompidou. Paris: Editions Première Partie, 2017: 158–164.

    “Nailing the Truth! Private and Public Politics of Truth.” In Artist Book Gema Alava: Tell Me the Truth (2008-2013). New York and Madrid: Gema Alava Studio and TWIN Gallery. Also published in Spanish in Gema Alava: Dime la Verdad (2008-2013). New York and Madrid: Gema Alava Studio and TWIN Gallery (2013). Other contributors include: Alfonso Armada, Claudia Calirman, Julian Casanova, Luis H. Francia, Michael Gallagher, Shamina de Gonzaga, Anna Grau, John Hemingway, Ted Mooney, Herman Moreno, Peri Uran, Ignacio del Valle, Octavio Vazquez, Midori Yamamura. Print.

    China Blue’s 8-Bit Crickets: Entropy of the Post-Electronic Age.” US representative for Tokyo Experimental Festival—Sound, Art & Performance—vol. 8: Sound Installation Section, organized by Tokyo Wonder Site, Institute of Contemporary Art and International Cultural Exchange, Tokyo, October 2013. Flyer, in English and Japanese.

    Archaeology of New York. New York: Korean Cultural Services, 2008. With Yunkyoung Kim. Print.

    Mosset, Olivier. Deux ou trois choses que je sais d’elle… Écrits et Entretiens 1966-2003. Translated into French and edited with Lionel Bovier. Geneva, Switzerland: Mamco, Éditions du Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, 2005. Print.
  • Conferences/Lectures


    2019, Conversation on Sociological Art, with Joan Snitzer (Senior Lecturer in Art History; Co-Chair & Director of Visual Arts, Barnard College), FRESCO, New York, NY

    2018, WAC. Women’s Action Coalition. Panel Discussion with Lucia Davis, Bethany Johns, Marlene McCarty, Denise Petrizzo, Grai St Clair Rice, and Pegi Vail. The Frederick P. Rose Auditorium, The Cooper Union, New York, NY.
    Moderator with co-curator Alexander Tochilovsky, organized in the framework of the exhibition WE DISSENT…

    2018, Redstockings, Panel Discussion with Marisa Figueiredo, Adrielle Munger, Kathie Sarachild, and Jen Sunderland. The Frederick P. Rose Auditorium, The Cooper Union, New York, NY.
    Moderator with co-curator Alexander Tochilovsky, organized in the framework of the exhibition WE DISSENT…, The Cooper Union, New York, NY.

    2018, Mary Patten for Madame Binh Graphics Collective, The Cooper Union, New York, NY.
    Moderator of the Gallery Talk with Mary Patten, organized in the framework of the exhibition WE DISSENT…

    2018, THE HERETICS. Movie Screening and Q&A with film director Joan Braderman, The Frederick P. Rose Auditorium, The Cooper Union, New York, NY.
    Moderator of the Q&A, organized in the framework of the exhibition WE DISSENT…

    2018, Are We Going Back to Art Autonomy? Symposium on Philosophy and Art Theory, The Cooper Union, New York, NY.
    Invited Speaker (with Alexander Tochilovsky): “WE DISSENT… Autonomy and Non-Non-Autonomy Strategies in the Women’s Movement.”
    Participant in roundtable discussion moderated by Raffaele Bedarida and Diego Malquori, with Giuseppe Di Giacomo, Leslie Hewitt, Lucy Raven, and Alexander Tochilovsky.

    2018, The Politics of Institutional Discrimination: Fred Forest Strikes Back, WhiteBox, New York, NY.
    Participant in roundtable discussion moderated by Michael Leruth, with Ellen Pearlman and Fred Forest.

    2015, College Art Association, 103rd Annual Conference, Washington DC.
    Chairperson, EPCAF/European Postwar and Contemporary Art Forum, a CAA’s affiliated society.
    Session: Publishing in European Postwar and Contemporary Art: New Prospects in Research and Translation.

    2014, Fall Lecture Series, Art Students League of New York, NY.
    Invited Speaker: “ZERO: A Postwar Global Art Phenomenon.”

    2014, Pace University, New York, NY.
    Moderator: Discussion with Members of the Guerrilla Girls during the exhibition Guerrilla Girls Posters 1985–2000.

    2014, Instituto Cervantes, Book presentation, Gema Alava’s Tell me the Truth 2008–13, New York, NY.
    Participant in the round-table with other authors/contributors to the book.

    2013, Society of French Historical Studies, 59th Annual Meeting. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
    Session Chairperson: Technologies as Vision in Twentieth Century France.
    Paper: “Video as New Technology for Women’s Collectives in the 1970s” in the session: The Use and Misuse of Technologies in 1960s and 70s French Art.

    2013, Symposium, Po Kim: Global Identity. Po Kim and Sylvia Wald Gallery, New York, NY.
    Paper: “Po Kim’s Encounters with French Art.”

    2011, Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn, NY.
    Invited speaker with Ruth Erickson (University of Pennsylvania) and Lauren Rosati (Exit Art, NY) and Round-table discussions with Maud Jacquin: Fred Forest: The Early Times of Video and Sociological Art.

    2011, ECAC/South Eastern College Art Conference, Savannah, GA.
    Co-Chairperson (with Raffaele Bedarida, The Graduate Center, New York, NY).
    Session: With or Without Greenberg: Beyond Anglophone Art History.

    2011, CAA/College Art Association, Committee of Women in the Arts (moderated by Whitney Chadwick), 99th Annual Conference, New York, NY.
    Paper: “Gender and Class Struggle in the Workplace: French Militant Video from the 1970s.”

    2010, Symposium Art and the Social: Exhibitions of Contemporary Art in the 1990s, Tate Britain, London, UK.
    Additional participants: Claire Bishop, Renate Lorenz, Charles Esche, et al.
    Paper: “A Social Turn in France in the mid-1990s. Exhibitions that gave rise to Relational Aesthetics.”

    2009, SECAC/South Eastern College Art Conference, Mobile, AL.
    Paper: Quand les femmes s’en mêlent! Militant Video in France post-1968.

    2007, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Graduate School of Culture Technology, Daejeon, South Korea, Young Investigators’ Forum in Culture Technology.
    Paper: Technology Logics as Contemporary Art Exhibitions Concept.

    2006, NURTUREart Curators’ talks, Brooklyn, New York, NY.
    Invited Speaker: “Once Upon a Time 1: Intention’s Notes.”

    2002, FRAC Bourgogne, Dijon, France. Conference Education Artistique des Publics dans les FRACs et Centres d’Art Contemporain, organized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
    Invited speaker: “Education culturelle d’un centre d’art contemporain: Le Consortium, Dijon.”

    November 2021: "Les politiques du multiple. Réflexions sur le potentiel d’un medium, comme processus et mode d’action" by Stéphanie Jeanjean. Visiting Professors' Program, Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris. Participant in an expert seminar on the theme of “The Multiple/Series,” including a public conference, an open seminar and round-tables participations with the community of Paris 1.

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