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Pierre Saurisse

Senior Lecturer, MA Contemporary Art, London

Pierre Saurisse completed his PhD in France. He has taught contemporary art at Aix-Marseilles and Rennes Universities. His book on chance in European and American art in the 1960s was published in 2007. He has written extensively on contemporary art for Beaux-Arts Magazine and Critique d’Art. Over the past years, his research has primarily concentrated on performance art. His articles on the artists Gilbert and George were published in Territoires Contemporains and in Visual Culture in Britain. He has written other articles on performance art for the journals Sculptures and Espace Art Actuel. His essay on ‘Creative Process and Magic’ was published in the book The Mediatization of the Artist, and his essay on performance art in the 1990s will be included in the book Over and Over and Over Again: Reenactment Strategies in Contemporary Arts and Theory. Pierre is currently writing on ‘Performance Art and the Museum’ for the series New Directions in Contemporary Art.

Pierre Saurisse

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MA in Contemporary Art - London