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Sotheby’s Institute of Art is delighted to be delivering an in-person course in collaboration with Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation, Taipei.

In addition to the growing suite of courses offered to students on our campuses in New York and London, Sotheby’s Institute of Art also creates custom courses for educational or cultural institutions with specific training needs.

Led by Dr Katie Hill, this intensive course is a series of lectures and workshops to give an in-depth, informative offering to participants who wish to hone their knowledge and skills in approaches to the artwork in a range of contexts. Particular attention will be paid to connections between well-known categories such as modernism and contemporary art including works by East Asian masters working in the post-war period (1950s onwards) within a global context.

In the first two sessions – Approaches I and II – aesthetics, institutions and contexts of contemporary art within the art ecosystem will be included, to discuss connections between art, galleries and museums and the circulation of art via fairs and auction houses. Other key areas covered will be the relationship of the East Asian and Western art worlds, cultural differences in philosophies and histories, and the importance of inter-cultural negotiation in an ever-shifting environment with new fairs and initiatives driving change.

The second sessions – Art As Investment - focus on investment from an evaluative perspective, considering the complex issue of evaluation, market positioning and significant trends driving the art market, such as online markets, new technologies and shifting modes and values of collecting communities.

The course is designed to be interactive, so that all participants can engage fully in discussions and exercises to develop their own articulation and develop appropriate vocabularies for responding to the contemporary art world for different applications, whether as a business owner, collector, gallerist, curator, or an art historian.