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As the era of technology continues to envelope and influence all fields and industries, the art world must effectively understand and adapt to these changes. Sotheby's have made crypto history with first ever individual poem sale by Ana María Caballero.

The poem by Ana María Caballero, "Cord," was featured in an online auction of Bitcoin Ordinals inscriptions called Natively Digital, and sold for 0.28 Bitcoin or $11,430 at Sotheby’s. Accompanying the digital piece, the collector of 'Cord' will also receive a signed print of the poem. This achievement signifies a validation of the intrinsic value of written poetry and language, independent of any accompanying visuals or sensory experiences. Recognized as a digital poetry pioneer, her work has been nominated for a MAXXI BVLGARI Prize in the Digital Sector, shortlisted for a Lumen Prize, been a finalist for both the Vassar Miller and Academy of American Poetry Prizes and exhibited in museums, galleries and public spaces worldwide.

Widely recognized as a digital poetry pioneer whose own practice is transforming the way language is exhibited, experienced and transacted, Caballero is also the cofounder of literary gallery theVERSEverse, short-listed for the Lumen Prize and the Digital Innovation in Art Award. Caballero graduated with a magna cum laude degree from Harvard University, where she was awarded a grant by Madrid’s Complutense University to finalize her honors thesis work on the role of the café in sparking cultural revolutions. As an MFA candidate in Poetry at Florida International University she was a finalist for the Academy of American Poets Prize.

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The sale Caballero's poem exemplifies the intersection of art and technology in contemporary art markets. This sale not only demonstrates the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency in the art world but also highlights the evolving forms of artistic expression facilitated by digital platforms.

Image: "Cord" By Ana María Caballero, 2023

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