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Sotheby’s Institute of Art partners with Artron to launch new program offerings

David C. Levy, President of Sotheby’s Institute of Art, announced today a newly created partnership between Sotheby’s Institute and Artron, a global leader in art publishing, media and information whose website,, has become an indispensable guide to the Chinese art market and the art world at large.

Sotheby’s Institute of Art will develop and offer online educational courses, in addition to the Institute’s advanced art education programs, to Artron’s members and readers around the world. Through this strategic collaboration, the Institute will leverage Artron’s expansive digital capabilities, facilities and audience development initiatives, partnering with them to deliver the best-in-class educational programming and art market expertise for which the Institute is known.

These initiatives will expand and amplify both organizations’ reach to new and existing audiences. “The opportunity for Sotheby’s Institute of Art to work collaboratively with Artron provides a unique platform upon which to make knowledge of the international art world available to a burgeoning audience,” said Dr. Levy, adding, “As the leading institution in art business education, Sotheby’s Institute can provide privileged insights into the workings of the international art markets – one of today’s most fascinating areas of economic growth. It is, therefore, an honor to be working with Artron as, together, we can make this fascinating subject more accessible to an eager and wider public.”

The partnership is also an acknowledgment of the growth of the international art business, in China specifically, but also across all of Asia and around the world. “In the past, the education system in China focused on business and English language education, but in recent years we’ve witnessed a dramatic shift as art has become an increasingly important component of education overall,” said Jie Wan, Founder and Chairman of Artron. “We see this growth continuing as galleries, educational institutions, museums and companies across a wide range of industries will require talented individuals who are familiar with the complexities of today’s art world. The collaboration between Artron and Sotheby’s Institute of Art will create a new model in art education, generating new interest within China and across the international art world. This is a crucial milestone for both Artron and Sotheby’s Institute of Art.”

As their partnership continues to grow and expand, Sotheby’s Institute of Art looks forward to continued collaboration with Artron, resulting in lectures, programs and additional initiatives that will deliver cutting-edge information on today’s ever-evolving art world.

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