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Sotheby’s Institute of Art is delighted to be an Education and Programming Partner of Untitled Art 2023, which will take place on the sands of Miami Beach from December 6-10, during Miami Art Week.

A leading independent art fair, Untitled Art will bring together 163 exhibitors for its 2023 edition, representing 39 countries and showcasing nearly 600 artists in its largest, most international, and diverse presentation to date. Guided by an ongoing mission to support the broader art market, Untitled’s 2023 programme reflects a greater emphasis of the fair’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility, which are at the heart of this year’s curatorial themes: “Curating in the Digital Age” and “Gender Equality in the Arts”.

As part of the fair’s effort to nurture art education and provide more opportunities for artists, students, and collectors alike, the partnership with Sotheby’s Institute of Art will include three dedicated on-site panel discussions curated by Institute academics.

About Untitled Art 2023

Founded in 2012, Untitled Art is the leading independent contemporary art fair taking place annually on the sands of Miami Beach. Guided by a mission to support the wider art ecosystem, Untitled Art offers an inclusive platform for discovering contemporary art that prioritizes collaboration within each aspect of the fair.

Each year, new and long-standing exhibitors are selected by Untitled Art’s curatorial team for their artistic integrity and international reach, with several galleries based outside of mainstream art hubs. Emerging artists, young galleries and non-profit organizations are supported through its ‘Nest’ sector—The initiative provides subsidized booths and was developed in response to traditional entry barriers posed by art fair participation. The first to launch an online art fair, Untitled Art continually invests in new technologies to make contemporary art collecting more accessible to new audiences, and it proactively advances responsible culture by using its platform to amplify diverse voices.

Through critical and educational programming, from a robust on-site podcast series focusing on relevant industry topics and artist talks to events and community activations outside of the fair itself, Untitled Art attracts contemporary art collectors, art professionals, curators, art historians and critics, among other enthusiasts. It also celebrates the context in which the fair is held by promoting leading galleries from Miami and engaging with local institutions.

To reduce its environmental impact, Untitled Art works closely with the City of Miami Beach to ensure a zero-impact presentation and reuses its custom-designed tent for each edition. In 2022, Untitled Art also reignited its ‘writers-in-residence’ program to support the crucial advancement of art criticism while cultivating the next generation of writers.

Image courtesy of Untitled Art, and captured by James Jackman / CKA