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Shanghai Zhiti Cultural Development Co. Ltd. and Sotheby’s Institute of Art launch a unique London-based pre-college program for high school students aged 14-17 from China: Art +.

Starting in Summer 2024 this new art world program draws on Sotheby’s Institute of Art expertise in art history, art business, luxury business, contemporary art and curation at the heart of a major world capital for culture – London. This 2-week residential and immersive program is for high school-aged students from China who are curious and passionate about art and the creative industries.

Based out of the Institute’s historic townhouse campus, a 2-minute walk from the British Museum, the program will include behind-the-scenes visits to many of London’s major arts institutions. These will include Sotheby’s auction house, The National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Modern, and others. Guest speakers will include curators, historians, digital experts, museum directors, auctioneers and others.

Students will learn about the art world using a variety of different approaches and will return home with an understanding of art in context, the global art world, the opportunities and disruptions offered by technology and the rise of AI, and the potential roles and career paths open to them in the field. Students will be offered insights into the key skills and knowledge that higher education institutions and employers may be looking for, in support of their future pathways. The cohort will also experience the rich cultural and creative life of London and the UK through a program carefully designed to engage and inspire them.

The program will:

  • draw on the expertise of Sotheby's Institute of Art faculty
  • be led by experts in the field, with instructional and professional experience in the sector
  • include a mix of lectures, site visits, and world-class guest speakers
  • provide an insider’s look at London's vibrant art market through galleries, auction houses, and studio visits

Joe Watson, Global Director of Collegiate and Professional Programs, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, explained, “the growth of the global art world and wider creative sector is far outstripping other areas of employment. It is our belief that by opening these opportunities to students at an earlier age, we can encourage them discover these areas and how they might align with their own emerging passions, goals and talents. We’re delighted to work with Shanghai Zhiti Cultural Development Co to secure the most talented students from China to benefit from these programs.”

Director of Admissions in Mainland China for ‘Art+’ collaborative program, Ms. Wang Jing, stated: “I have always upheld the idea of bestowing the best to young individuals. I have organized a series of large-scale international events and collaborated with influential brands and industry leaders both domestically and abroad. I believe that the art and creative projects in collaboration with Sotheby's Institute of Art hold epochal significance for nurturing the most talented youth in mainland China.”

Stacy Chen, based in New York, and Yang Chen, based in Shanghai, will work with Ms. Wang Jing on the project.

Ms. Wang Jing, who is the founder of the Dunhuang Youth Program, possesses unique insights and profound expertise in the selection and cultivation of youth's artistic literacy. She has previously served as the Head of the Cultural Exchange Department and the Head of the International Exchange Department at the Shanghai Youth International Exchange Center. She has been involved in planning and organizing large-scale international cultural exchange events for young people, such as the Shanghai Youth International Art Carnival and the Shanghai International Youth Poetry, Calligraphy, and Painting Competition. She travels regularly between China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries, visiting and exchanging ideas with art organizations and institutions, dedicated to promoting cultural, artistic, and technological exchanges and interactions among outstanding young people worldwide.

Site Visits

Site visits may include:

  • Sotheby’s auction house
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • British Museum
  • National Gallery
  • Tate Modern and Tate Britain
  • Whitechapel Gallery
  • Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Studio Voltaire
  • Commercial art galleries including top galleries such as Gagosian, Sprueth Magers, October Gallery
  • Contemporary artist studios Guest Speakers Students will hear firsthand about the inner workings of the art industry from speakers that will include:
  • Museum curators and educators
  • Auction house experts
  • Art Business Professionals
  • Gallerists
  • Digital and AI specialists
  • Art critics
  • Art advisors
  • Artists
  • Marketing and communications specialists for galleries and museums
  • Collectors opening their homes for a private visit

Please note: This information is subject to change at any time at the discretion of Sotheby’s Institute.

 For Admissions Contact: 400-600-0780 or






  • 充分利用苏富比艺术学院教师的专业知识;
  • 课程由在各领域拥有深厚教育和专业经验的专家指导;
  • 聆听世界级嘉宾演讲、参与各项讲座并实地参观;
  • 访问画廊、拍卖行和艺术工作室,通过内部视⻆深刻观察伦敦充满活力的艺术市场。

苏富比艺术学院全球高校与职业项目总监乔·沃森(Joe Watson)解释道:“全球艺术世界和创意行业的增⻓远远超过了其他就业领域。我们相信,更早地向学生开放这些机会,可以鼓励他们更积极地探索这些领域,促使他们找到个人兴趣、目标和才能的吻合之处。我们很高兴参与上海智梯文化发展有限公司合作,吸引中国最有才华的学生从该项目受益。”

“艺术+”联合项目招生总监王静表示:“一直以来,我秉持将最好的赋予⻘少年的理念,策划组织了一系列大型国际活动,合作了国内外非常多的极具影响力的品牌与行业杰出人物。我想:与苏富比艺术学院合作的艺术与创意项目,对于培养全球最有才华的⻘少年而言,具有划时代的意义。” 在纽约的Stacy Chen和上海的杨琤女士将与Jing Wang女士共同推进这个项目。



  • 苏富比拍卖行
  • 维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆
  • 大英博物馆
  • 国家美术馆
  • 泰特现代美术馆和泰特不列颠美术馆
  • 怀特查佩尔画廊
  • 当代艺术学院
  • Studio Voltaire
  • 商业画廊,包括顶级画廊如 Gagosian、Sprueth Magers、October Gallery


  • 博物馆策展人和教育家
  • 拍卖行专家
  • 艺术商业专业人士
  • 画廊经营者
  • 数字和人工智能专家
  • 艺术评论家
  • 艺术顾问
  • 艺术家
  • 画廊与博物馆的市场营销和传播专业人员
  • 私人博物馆的收藏家


招生请联系: 400-600-0780 或