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We are delighted to announce that Sotheby’s Institute of Art will participate in the 2nd Guangzhou Contemporary Art Fair, which will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center from Dec 25-29, 2021 at booth C14.

This is the second Guangzhou Contemporary Art Fair, with 33 domestic and international galleries invited from Asia, Europe, and America to exhibit world-class contemporary paintings, sculptures, installations, digital and mixed-media artworks. Guangzhou Contemporary Art Fair provides a platform for local galleries to communicate with domestic and foreign galleries, creating new opportunities and possibilities for the development of the art industry in Guangzhou, while thriving to become the most influential contemporary Art Fair in Asia.

Sotheby's Institute will be present at the Art Fair not as a gallery but as a collective that builds its reputation on giving out first-hand art market knowledge to our students. The Guangzhou Art Fair is an opportunity to explore the contemporary art market in person and network with key art market players at one of the major art fairs in the region. You can also meet face to face with a Sotheby's Institute representative to learn more about the Sotheby’s Institute, our programs of study, the admissions process, as well as our alumni who will talk about their work & life after graduation.

Hope to see you there at booth C14, to explore, connect and enjoy the diversity of the contemporary art world.

If you have any questions about the Art Fair, please contact Zhao Neng, at:

If you have more questions about our programs, follow Sotheby's Institute on Red (sothebysinst) and Wechat (sia_admissions) for further inquires and program updates

我们很高兴地宣布,苏富比艺术学院将参加2021 12 25 日至 29 日在广州保利世贸中心博览馆举办的第二届广州当代艺术博览会,展位 C4


SIA将作为一个向学生提供第一手艺术市场知识集体参加这届艺术博览会。广州艺术博览会是一个邀请你探索当代艺术市场的机会,也是与艺术市场行业内人士对话的机会。你还可以与 SIA 代表面对面交流,了解更多关于苏富比学院、我们的学习项目、招生流程,以及我们的校友和他们毕业后的工作和生活。

希望在 C14 展位见到你,和我们一起探索、连接和享受当代艺术世界的多样性。



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