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With 100 students in London and 56 in New York, here is a profile of the class of 2022. From their favorite hobbies (badminton and ballet) to the various languages (Cantonese and Catalan) that might be heard on our campuses this year, we couldn’t be more excited about welcoming these incredible students in the classrooms. Here are a few interesting stats about them: 

Collectively they speak 25 languages: English, Russian, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, Bengali, Danish, Turkish, Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Catalan, Dutch, Tatar, Arabic, Romanian, and Latin

Seventy-two of them have worked or interned in the art world, with artists, antiques, museums, galleries, auction houses, art festivals, conservators or private collections before joining us. 

Ten of them are founders or co-founders of their own businesses

They come from different fields including economics and trade, finance, marketing and PR, sales, business, press, architecture, media, philosophy, banking, archaeology, criminology, education, anthropology, law, retail, advertising, fashion, food, new media and tech, interior design, fine art, and photography

They share a variety of hobbies including music, debate, swimming, badminton, yoga, cycling, tennis, traveling, chess, drama, reading, movies, cooking, video games, painting, photography, film, fashion, pottery, golf, scuba diving, piano, cello, Pilates, and ballet

The time is now to do what you love. Learn the business of art and join a global community of art market professionals. Explore MA options in London and New York.