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Jules Carter is an Agent specializing in new business development for creative businesses and professionals. With experience that crosses a variety of specialties in the creative industry including photography, 3D design, and CGI, we spoke with Jules about her experience on the Digital Strategies in the Art World course, and her unique perspective on digital art.

Can you briefly describe your background and what led you to enroll in a professional course at Sotheby's Institute of Art? 

After graduating with a First Class Honors in Fine Art, my career has encompassed a diverse range of specialties in the creative realm, including photography, art, 3D design, and retouching and CGI.  

Amidst the pandemic, I developed a curiosity of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain when witnessing Nick Knight's limited NFT edition. Realizing the complexity of this subject and AI's impact on the photography industry, I was motivated to garner more knowledge on these and related topics. Discovering the Digital Strategies in the Art World course at Sotheby's Institute of Art felt like the perfect match for my desire to understand more about the subject, prompting my enrollment. 

How would you describe your Sotheby’s Institute of Art experience?  

My experience at Sotheby's Institute was incredibly welcoming from the start. The staff's friendliness set the tone. The choice of guest speakers and Leo Crane's engaging facilitation made the course truly inspiring. My program remained consistently impactful, fostering engagement at every moment and allowing me to comfortably ask questions which were met with encouragement and insightful answers.  

By taking this course, I was able to combine my exposure to digital strategies in the creative industry with insights from experts in the field, furthering my understanding of the scope of digital art and the bigger picture that’s being presented in this moment. 

How would you describe the curriculum of the program, and what were the most impactful topics for you? 

The curriculum consolidated my career experiences while illuminating the significance of digital strategies across various domains. Understanding AI's influence, blockchain, and NFTs as digital assets left me empowered and curious for more. 

Were there any guest speakers or site visits that you particularly enjoyed? 

I enjoyed hearing from AI.S.A.M., a London-based AI photographer and artist, who demonstrated to us how AI is being harnessed as a tool for creative skill. We also visited a gallery on Dover Street where we viewed an exhibition by an American artist centered on AI machinery. Due to my personal interest in digital art, this was an especially exciting visit. 

The art world is increasingly intersecting with digital technologies. Are there any emerging trends in digital strategies that you're particularly excited about? 

Having worked in the gaming industry and for a 3D immersive exhibition company, I’ve experienced the ways in which the gaming industry is influencing the art world. I’ve seen firsthand the increasing popularity of integrating technology into launches and exhibitions. As artists begin to incorporate the use of digital tools in their creative processes, I’ve noticed many parallels between games and digital art. 

The Metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain are of course being used in the gaming industry, and the adoption of these tools outside of the realm of gaming is interesting, especially in the art world. Digital tools like these have created a new avenue for artists in creating their work, and I can see why the Serpentine gallery in London, for example, is engaging with gaming companies and supporting artists to produce projects using advanced technologies. 

Who would you recommend participate in this course?

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to those seeking real-life insights into how digital strategies operate within the art sphere and anyone interested in learning how to seamlessly integrate digital strategies into their work.