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Sotheby’s Institute of Art is launching a series of courses in London and New York this summer for art world professionals and the culturally curious. This portfolio of courses will offer both 2 and 5-day options, to ensure working professionals can discover, learn, and connect with the wider art community and Sotheby’s Institute of Art around their busy working lives and commitments. 

Hosted at either our London Institute situated in the heart of Bloomsbury, with the British Museum in the neighboring square, or at our campus in Lexington Avenue in New York - the capital of culture and commerce. Each course will be solidly embedded in the cultural landscape of the host city and ensure participants receive an in-depth understanding of collecting through behind-the-scenes visits and specialist lectures. 

The Summer Professional Courses offer a wide range of topics utilizing Sotheby’s Institute of Art’s academic faculty and wider network of industry specialists. Learn from the leading voices in their field, from Art Law to Marketing, and more.

2-day course

Art Law and Ethics 

London: July 17-18 * Exclusive to London *

Gain an in-depth introduction to the complex field of art law and its implications for the larger art market including artist’s rights and copyright, Intellectual Property and the legal ramifications of appropriation, repatriation and restitution of cultural property, and legal issues related to market transactions.  

5-day courses

Establishing and Running a Contemporary Art Gallery 

New York: June 5-9 

London: June 19-23 

As the landscape for art consumption expands, the contemporary art market’s explosive growth calls for a more in-depth look into the role of the gallery. Explore the fundamentals of establishing and running a contemporary gallery in today’s interconnected art market from business strategies and day-to-day operations – including ideas for using new technologies to drive sales and engagement – to key considerations for cultivating clients and managing artists, this course provides an invaluable introduction to the high-stakes world of commercial art galleries. 

Marketing for the Art World 

New York: June 12-16 

London: July 17-21 

As a unique field that contains a complex web of relationships, the art world requires a specialized approach to marketing and public relations. This introductory course will survey the tactics used to create integrated marketing and communications campaigns for a variety of clients, such as artists, art fairs, galleries, auction houses, and museums.  

Alternative Investments 

London: July 10-14 * Exclusive to London * 

The course will prepare students for making healthy art investments by sharing important insights into the reasons for investing in art and the financial factors driving its demand, the pricing system and how art can appreciate in value to generate financial returns. Discussed are the intricacies of art loans and art funds as well as strategies for buying and selling on the primary and secondary art markets, including the financial complexities of the auction market and new opportunities, such as NFTs. 

Learn more about the portfolio of Professional In-Person courses, here.