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Sotheby’s Institute of Art has launched a series of custom virtual programs for AZIC Jewelry, Shanghai.

Founded by Lisa Ouyang (欧阳丽莎), the fourth-generation descendant of Qing Fu Xing Jewelry store(庆福星银楼), one of the top nine jewellers in old Shanghai during the 1940s, AZIC Jewelry Consulting Co., Ltd is an innovative consulting company dedicated to building a bridge between the East and West jewelry and art industries.

Sotheby's Institute of Art has designed two courses for AZIC. The first, centered on jewelry, provides a unique and in-depth understanding of the jewelry world. In Spring/Summer 2024, the second course will delve into the realm of luxury. Both courses will be translated into Mandarin and offer a global perspective, featuring international speakers sharing their expertise in jewelry and luxury.

Jewelry is led by Sotheby’s Head of Jewelry Department, Kristian Spofforth FGA, who has nearly 15 years of expertise as a jewelry specialist. His career has granted him access to some of the world's most remarkable jewelry collections. Among these treasures are the renowned Harry Winston jewels, notably showcasing the Star of Sierra Leone brooch, and the Bourbon Parma collection, including the iconic Marie Antoinette pearl, a piece that commanded a staggering $36 million at auction. Kristian's experience extends to the handling of unique colored diamonds and gemstones, such as the CTF Pink Star, the Farnese Blue, and the Dream of Autumn Leaves.

Kristian will lead students through all five sessions, giving a brief overview of the history of jewelry and its global influences, how it shaped the world and how the world shaped it. He will look at the auction market and how it works and how the jewelry market and auctions work hand in hand. Kristian will also offer a deep dive into diamonds and coloured gemstones, their places in the market and their global influence.

An impressive roster of guest speakers will accompany Kristian for several lectures to offer their insight into exciting subjects. The former Worldwide Chairman of Sotheby's Jewelry Division and a leading authority in the field of precious stones and jewelry will join Kristian for a conversation to explore how certain gemstones and pieces of jewelry have had pivotal places in history. A leading independent fine jewelry specialist, who was formerly head of jewelry for Sotheby’s and regularly features on national UK radio and TV as an expert in jewelry, will share their own perspective and talk about their experiences travelling the world. The Head of UK for the Natural Diamond Council (NDC), along with the Editor and Publisher of Jewellery Outlook will also feature in this series of lectures in conversation about the future of the jewelry industry.

The Luxury course will take place in Spring 2024, led by Deanna White, luxury goods authenticator for Ebay, alongside another impressive line-up of guest speakers.

For those interested in taking the AZIC courses, contact Lisa Ouyang at

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