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Giacometti, Masterpiece Art Fair, Pink Floyd and more. The best of the art world will all be at your fingertips in London this summer. Read our Summer Study faculty suggestions for must-visit exhibitions and shows in London this summer!

Summer Exhibition 2017
The Royal Academy, 13th June – 20th August 2017

The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is a major art world event every summer and is now in its 249th year! It’s the largest open submission exhibition in the world and attracts works from both emerging and well established artists. This year the exhibition will be coordinated by leading British sculptor Richard Wilson. More...

Masterpiece 2017
The Royal Hospital Chelsea, 29th June – 5th July 2017

Masterpiece Art Fair, only in its seventh year, has fast become a must-attend event in the capital’s summer art and auction season. The fair is a great chance to see a wide range museum-quality pieces before they enter private collections. Stalls cater for all collectors, spanning from Antiquities to Contemporary works. More...

Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever
Serpentine Gallery, 8th June – 10th September 2017

As part of the popular summer season, the Serpentine Gallery will present 2003 Turner Prize-winner Grayson Perry and a collection of his latest works, exploring ‘popularity and art, masculinity and the current cultural landscape’. Perry works in a range of traditional media such as ceramics, tapestry, print and iron/bronze, and is one of the most recognisable names in British Contemporary Art in the 21st Century. More...

Hokusai beyond the Great Wave
The British Museum, 25th May – 13th August 2017

An exhibition of prints, paintings and illustrated books of one of Japan’s most influential artists, Katsushika Hokusai (1760 – 1849). Curated from collections across the globe, the exhibition explore the last 30 years of Hokusai’s life, when he produced his masterpieces, including the iconic Great Wave. More...

London Art Week
Mayfair and St.James’ Galleries, 30th June – 7th July 2017

50 specialist art galleries and three major auction houses open their doors for a special celebration of pre-contemporary art in London. Based in the historic centre of the traditional art trade, the event is a unique platform for VIP collectors, curators, enthusiasts and dealers to explore an impressive range of exhibitions from antiquity to the 20th century. More...

Alberto Giacometti
Tate Modern, 10th May – 10th September 2017

Tate Modern will present over 250 of Giacometti’s works, including his instantly recognisable elongated figures, with the aim of ‘reasserting Giacometti alongside Matisse, Picasso and Degas as on of the great painter-sculptors of the twentieth century.’ More...

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains
The V&A, May 13th – October 1st 2017

An ‘innovative and multi-sensory journey’ exploring the band Pink Floyd, their music and their design work. Curators have worked with members of the band to exhibit over 350 artefacts from five decades of the bands history, alongside objects from the V&A’s collection of art, design, architecture and performance. More...

Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic
National Gallery, 26th April – 28th August 2017 

Turner Prize-winner Chris Ofili unveils a new tapestry, handwoven by Dovecot Tapestry Studio. Commissioned by the Clothworkers’ Company, Ofili has been collaborating with the internationally renowned Dovecot Tapestry Studio to see his design translated into a handwoven tapestry. The imagery reflects Ofili’s ongoing interest in classical mythology and the stories, magic, and colour of the Trinidadian landscape he inhabits. More...

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion
Victoria and Albert Museum, 27th May 2017– 18th February 2018

This exhibition examines the work and legacy of influential Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga, with over 100 pieces crafted by ‘the master’ of couture, his protégées and contemporary fashion designers working in the same innovative tradition. More...

Queer British Art: 1861–1967
Tate Britain, 5th April – 1st October 2017

Featuring works from 1861–1967 relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) identities, the show marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England. Queer British Art explores how artists expressed themselves in a time when established assumptions about gender and sexuality were being questioned and transformed. More...

You Are Looking at Something That Never Occurred
Zabludowicz Collection, 30th March – 9th July 2017

You Are Looking at Something That Never Occurred brings together artists who use photography as a tool with which to question the boundaries between past and present, the factual and the fictional. Drawing from the Zabludowicz Collection, works produced over a 40 year period by 14 artists explore photography’s ability to suggest moments that are far from certain. More...

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