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EDJI Gallery was founded by Ranji Safarian and Edward Van Houtte, passionate art lovers and collectors of many years. We spoke to the duo about their time at Sotheby's Institute and the flexibility of studying online.

Edward, 31, is an entrepreneur who has launched several businesses in the food and fashion space, while Ranji, 31, has years of experience working for various e-commerce companies within the luxury fashion industry. Aligned and complimentary in their skills and experiences, they decided in 2022 to turn their common passion into a career and launch their own art gallery having taken five online courses with Sotheby’s Institute between them.

Why did you choose to study with Sotheby’s Institute?
We had this idea of launching our own art gallery, but we both felt like we needed to gain some key skills and insights to bring this idea to life. The format of online courses at Sotheby’s Institute of Art was interesting because we wanted to be able to take the classes and work on the project at the same time. It turned out to be the best option because on top of the learnings acquired through the lectures and readings, we benefited a lot from being able to interact and ask questions to our teachers through the online sessions. The insights we gained from speaking to knowledgeable people with actual experience in the field were extremely valuable.

Which online courses did you take?

Running a Contemporary Gallery, Art & Technology, from AI to NFTs, Art History: Key Concepts, Art Business Foundations, and Introduction to Curating.

How did your studies at the Institute influence your art world career?
It really gave us the foundations, skills and confidence needed to open our art gallery. From understanding logistics behind running a gallery, learning about how to analyze and price artwork, curate an exhibition, exploring ways to use technology to elevate our value proposition, and much more, it really allowed us to structure the project and turn our idea into a concrete plan of action.

About EDJI Gallery

EDJI Gallery has been created to bring the fringes to the mainstream, seeking out the most exciting and diverse art talent in the world and putting it in the center stage with exhibitions in London, Paris, Brussels, and via an online store.

EDJI adds new perspectives and fresh ideas to the international gallery scene, representing artists who are reflective of life for a new generation.