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Sotheby's Institute of Art and theBLANC presented 9, a groundbreaking exhibition featuring nine young curators matched with nine artists. 

Each of the Institute's young curators was matched with an artist and assigned the task of curating a piece of artwork. 9 represented an innovative and collaborative way of curating, spanning installation, painting, and photography. The nine works challenged conventional curatorial practices and offered this group of curators and artists a platform to collaborate and experiment with inventive concepts and techniques.  

"Through this collaboration with theBlanc Art Space, not only are our students offered invaluable and tangible curatorial practice, but they are also allowed to understand that curation should never be rigidly black and white, we can create our own set of rules." - Hongzheng Han, Faculty & Academic Content Manager, Sotheby’s Institute of Art

The exhibition was the culmination of Sotheby's Institute's prior student exhibitions: Unrooted: Cultivating Resilience through Art, Interwoven Souls: United in Loneliness, and The Other to Itself. It represented the apex of curatorial brilliance nurtured across these emerging talents. Together, this exceptional cohort unveiled a dynamic and diverse exhibition that delivered exhilarating perspectives and innovative storytelling for the future of contemporary art. Take a look back at some of the highlights from the final exhibition, below.

Artists: Youyi Echo Yan, Tom Prinsell, Mitsuko Brooks, Yiwei Lu, Claudia Doring Baez, Linling Lu, Jingyi Wang, Maria Del Pilar Marti, and Helen Haoyi Yu.

Curators: Monica Zhang, Valentine Botteri, Kanishka Porwal, Daphney Zeng, Federica Jermann Farías, Yijin Chen, Myrtha Herrera A, Leon Levy, and Helen Haoyi Yu.

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