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Sotheby's Institute of Art-New York and theBLANC presented 18, a unique art show featuring eighteen Master's degree students, eighteen artists, and eighteen pieces of artwork.

Each of the Institute's young curators was matched with an artist and assigned the task of curating a piece of artwork. The thesis of the New York-based exhibition was open-ended, which allowed students the chance to be creative with their curator’s notes. The exhibition showcased a dynamic and diverse collection of works spanning video art, painting, and sculpture, aiming to challenge conventional curatorial practices and act as a platform to collaborate and experiment with inventive concepts and techniques.

"With the assistance of other faculty at Sotheby's Institute and the collaboration with theBLANC, my students will now have two shows written down on their resumes. I am sure that’s an excellent place to start their journey as a curator." - Hongzheng Han, Faculty & Academic Content Manager, Sotheby’s Institute of Art

18 was the culmination of four stellar exhibitions, The Dreamers, Radical Roots: A Global Conversation, Beyond the Paint and Veiled Construction: Dark Perceptions of the Human Experience, curated by the Institute's Master's degree students. The exhibitions received recognition from notable figures such as the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, and Reverend Al Sharpton. Take a look back at some of the highlights from the four exhibitions and 18, below.

Artists: Nana Shimomura, Jarid Blue, Jaouad Bentama, Li Kang, Alchemyverse, Kiki Smith, Victoria Martínez, Clare Watt, Sia Fang, Maess Anand, Carlie Hoffer, Alexandre Segura, Janet Jones, Ye Cheng, Heather Jones, Milly Skellington, Yinglun Dai, Valentina Bernot.

Curators: Shota Hachisako, Angelina Diamante, Lara Sleiman, Dongpeng Wang, Yu-chin Lin, William Tomita, Amanda Garcia, Zoe Weingarten, Xiaoqian Wang, Harit Jiaravongtrakul, Carlie Hoffer, Angelina Diamante, Victoria Espinosa, Kinda Ghandour, Jialin Ma, Natalia Pakh, NJ Xiong, Yixuan Han, Carolina Audelo Mattern.

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