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Following the announcement of our commitment to diversity and racial equity, we have designated this page as a space to report out updates and details regarding the actions we are taking. This page will be updated regularly.

Planned Initiatives

  • We will be establishing a new scholarship fund (currently dubbed the Diverse Visionaries Scholarship Fund) which will be targeted towards BIPOC individuals each academic year. These scholarships will be available across all programs offered at Sotheby’s Institute.
  • We will do a comprehensive review of the curriculum of all of our programs, starting with the Masters degree programs, to ensure that topics related to diversity and inclusion are represented in a meaningful way.
  • We will establish a working committee which will include senior managers, faculty, students and alumni to make recommendations for diversity practices, access and participation, and diversity in the curriculum, student services, career services, and other areas of the school.
  • We will review our human resource strategies with the goal of enhancing the representation of BIPOC individuals, in particular among faculty, staff and management positions.
  • We will host an annual symposium dedicated to topics of diversity and inclusion in the art markets, with the primary objective of providing professional networking opportunities for those groups who are underrepresented in the art world.
  • We will hold an Open Forum on July 30th, for a discussion on how our curriculum, programs, and services can be more diverse and inclusive.

Open Forum on Diversity

Watch excerpts from the Sotheby's Institute of Art Open Forum on Diversity that was held on July 30, 2020.

Panelists featured in excerpts: Dr Errol Francis (CEO, Culture&), Claude Grunitzky (Visiting Faculty, MA Art Business, New York), Dr Katie Hill (Program Director, MA Modern & Contemporary Asian Art, London), and Dr Aliza Shvarts (Faculty, MA Contemporary Art, New York).

Discussing Microaggressions

Reconsidering Art History

Teaching Modern & Contemporary Asian Art