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Meet Erin-Marie Wallace

Co-Founder & CEO
Rare-Era /, Funk & Wallace, Inc., Florida, USA
MA Fine & Decorative Art, London, 2006

Erin-Marie Wallace is currently the Co-Founder of Rare-Era / and CEO of Funk & Wallace, Inc. in Florida, USA. She obtained her Master’s degree in Fine and Decorative Arts in 2006 from Sotheby’s Institute, London. This was preceded by educational opportunities in Hong Kong and throughout the United States, culminating in a Bachelor’s of Fine Art specializing in drawing from the University of Central Florida. She continues to exhibit as a fine artist and her work is held in private collections worldwide. For several years she was the Director and Vetter for a televised auction house, responsible for overseeing four weekly televised auctions including purchasing, consigning, cataloguing and on-air presenting. In 2012, Erin-Marie Wallace became a Florida Certified Auctioneer and Auction House; and is the only Sotheby’s UK Graduate in the southeast United States to hold this distinction.

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