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Steven Chen

Faculty, MA Art Business, Los Angeles

Steven Chen is an adjunct professor Sotheby's Institute of Art - Los Angeles / Claremont Graduate University. Before joining Sotheby's Institute of Art - Los Angeles / Claremont Graduate University, Steven received his B.A. in Studio Arts and a Ph.D. in Marketing Management from the University of California- Irvine. Steven’s principal research is centered on design thinking and new product development. His research has been published in scholarly journals such as the Journal of Product Innovation Management, the Journal of Business Research, and the International Marketing Review.

Steven Chen
  • Publications


    Chen, Steven and Kristen Schiele, “Positioning SMEs with a Lone Designer: A Qualitative Study of Small Design Firms,” (2017), Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. Publication information forthcoming.

    Chen, Steven, Yuna Kim, and Chiranjeev Kohli (2017), “A Chinese, a Korean, and an Indian Walk Into an American Bar: Tapping the Asian-American Goldmine,” Business Horizons, 60, 91-100.

    Venkatesh, Alladi, David Crockett, Samantha Cross, and Steven Chen (2017), Ethnography in Marketing and Consumer Research, Now Publishers Inc.: Hanover, MA.

    Chandler, Jennifer and Steven Chen (2016), “Practice Styles and Service Systems” Journal of Service Management, 27 (5), 798-830.

    Kim, Yuna and Steven Chen (2016), “Designing Cultural Brands for Asian American Consumers: A Conceptual Framework,” Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy, 2, (1), 51-58.

    Chen, Steven, Sunil Thomas, and Chiranjeev Kohli (2016), “What Really Works in Crowdfunding: An Empirical Investigation of Kickstarter,” Journal of Advertising Research, 56 (1), 81-95.

    Chen, Steven (2016), “A ‘Cultural Technology’ Framework for Marketing Cultural Exports: Analysis of Hallyu (the Korean Wave),” International Marketing Review, 33 (1), 25-50.

    Chandler, Jennifer and Steven Chen (2015), “Prosumer Motivations in Service Experiences, ” Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 25 (2), 220-239.

    Nguyen, Hieu, Steven Chen and Sayantani Mukherjee (2014), “Reverse Stigma in the Freegan Community,” Journal of Business Research, 67 (9), 1877-1884.

    Granitz, Neil, Steven Chen and Keerit Kohli (2014), “Choosing Business as a College Major: A Survey of High School Students,” Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 15, Fall, 1-22.

    Chen, Steven and Alladi Venkatesh (2013), “An Investigation of How Design-Oriented Organisations Implement Design Thinking,” Journal of Marketing Management, 29 (15-16), 1680-1700.

    Shih, Eric, Alladi Venkatesh, Steven Chen, and Erik Kruse (2013), “Dynamic Use Diffusion Model in a Cross-National Context: A Comparative Study of the U.S., Sweden and India,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30 (1), 4-16.

    Venkatesh, Alladi, Seema Khanwalker, Lynda Lawrence, and Steven Chen (2013), “Ethnoconsumerism and Cultural Branding: Designing ‘Nano’ Car,” Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 16 (1), 108-119.

    Venkatesh, Alladi, Theresa Digerfeldt-Mansson, Frederic F. Brunel, and Steven Chen (2012), “Design Orientation: A Grounded Theory Analysis of Design Thinking and Action,” Marketing Theory, 12 (3), 289-309.

    Chen, Steven, (2012) “The Rise of 草食系男子 (Soushokukei Danshi) Masculinity and Consumption in Contemporary Japan: A Historic and Discursive Analysis” in Otnes, Cele C. and Zayer, Linda T. (eds.) Gender, Culture and Consumption, New York, NY: Routledge, p. 283-308.

    Chen, Steven and Neil Granitz (2012), “Adoption, Rejection or Convergence: Consumer Attitudes Toward Book Digitization,” Journal of Business Research, 65 (8), 1219-1225.

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