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Samir Chatterjee

Faculty, MA Art Business + Information Systems & Technology, Los Angeles

Samir Chatterjee is the Fletcher Jones Chair of Technology Design & Management at Claremont Graduate University’s Center for Information Systems & Technology (CISAT). He is also considered a leading technology designer and strategist for 21st-century health care. His entry into health care field has been via Telemedicine. Today he leads the emerging field of Persuasive Technology, a stimulating interdisciplinary research field that focuses on how interactive technologies and services can be designed to influence people’s attitudes and support positive behavior change.

Samir Chatterjee
  • Selected Publications

    Selected Publications

    Olayan Alharbi and Samir Chatterjee, “Design of an Awareness Smartphone Platform Based on Direct and Indirect Persuasion for Energy Conservation,” in Proc. Of DESRIST 2016, St. John, Newfoundland, Canada, May 23–25, 2016. 

    S. Chatterjee, C. Lerouge, and M. C. Tremblay, “Educating Students in Health Information Technology: IS Community Barriers, Challenges, and Paths Forward,”  Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Vol. 33, 2013.

    Samir Chatterjee and Alan Price, “”Healthy Living with Persuasive Technologies: Framework, Issues, and Challenges”, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA), 2009; 16: 171–178. PrePrint published December 11, 2008; doi:10.1197/jamia.M2859 [PDF]

    Ken Peffers, Tuure Tuunanen, Marcus A. Rothenberger, and Samir Chatterjee. “A Design Science Research Methodology for Information Systems Research“,  Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS), Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 45–77, Winter 2007-8. 

    Co-authored with Alan Hevner. Design Research in Information Systems: Theory and Practice. Integrated Series in Information Systems 22. New York: Springer Publisher Inc., 2010.