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Bronwyn Mauldin

Faculty, Los Angeles

Author Bronwyn Mauldin’s latest novel, Love Songs of the Revolution, is a literary thriller about one man’s struggle to solve his wife’s murder, set against a backdrop of geopolitical turmoil in the last days of Soviet Lithuania.

Mauldin is creator of Guerrilla Reads, the online video literary magazine that takes literature to the streets. She won The Coffin Factory magazine’s 2012 Very Short Story Award for Měiguó. Her previous work includes the short story collection, The Streetwise Cycle, and a Kindle single, Body of Work.

Mauldin’s work has appeared in the Akashic Books web series, Mondays Are Murder, and in Literature for LifeNecessary FictionCellStoriesTNBBC, The Battered Suitcase, Blithe House QuarterlyClamor magazine and From ACT-UP to the WTO (Verso). She publishes every once and a while on Medium. In 2016 she was an Artist in Residence at Mesa Verde National Park.

Mauldin has been a host of Indymedia on Air on KPFK, the Los Angeles affiliate of the Pacifica radio network. By day she's a researcher with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

Bronwyn Mauldin