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Antonia Gatward Cevizli

Course Leader, Art History Semester Program, London

PhD, University of Warwick
MA University of Warwick
BA (Hons), University of Birmingham

Antonia Gatward Cevizli's primary specialism is the Italian Renaissance with particular focus on cultural-exchange between Italy and the Islamic world. In the course of her studies she spent a year at the University of Siena Statale and also lived in Venice. However, her interests are wide-ranging. She has lectured on 15th-century Italian art for the Victoria and Albert Museum, and taught Modern Art from Impressionism to Pop at Sabancı University, Istanbul. She worked as a gallery lecturer across the collections of Tate Modern and Tate Britain for a number of years. In addition to Western art, Antonia has a strong interest in the Ottoman Empire and ran the Courtauld Institute summer school Art of the Sultans: Ottoman Art and Architecture for several years.

Antonia Gatward Cevizli
  • Publications


    "Turbans in the Strozzi Chapel: Filippino Lippi and the Mamluk embassies to Florence", The Burlington Magazine (forthcoming in October 2020)

    "Representing the Ottomans and their World in 1490s Mantua: The Lost 'Ottoman Mode' in Mantuan Painting in Comparative Perspective’", I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History, 23, n. 1 (Spring 2020)

    "Exhibition review of Islam e Firenze: Arte e collezionismo dai Medici al Novecento/ Islamic Art and Florence: From the Medici to the 20th Century, Galleria degli Uffizi" in Renaissance Studies, 33, n. 5 (2019), 854-860.

    "Portraits, Turbans and Cuirasses: Material Exchange between Mantua and the Ottomans in the 1490s," in Global Gifts: The Material Culture of Diplomacy in Early Modern Eurasia, ed. Zoltán Biedermann, Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2018).

    "R Mutt’s Fountain: Art literally turned pear-shaped: Duchamp’s Word Play" in National Gallery of Canada Review, 9 (May 2018).

    "Review of Incontri di Civiltà nel Mediterraneo, ed. Alireza Naser Eslami," in Speculum, 93, n.1 (2018).

    “Mehmed II, Malatesta and Matteo De’ Pasti: A Match of Mutual Benefit Between the ‘Terrible Turk and a ‘Citizen of Hell” in Renaissance Studies, 31, n. 1 (2017), 43-65.

    “Bellini, Bronze and Bombards: Sultan Mehmed II’s Requests Reconsidered” in Renaissance Studies, 28, n. 5 (2014), 748-765.

    “More than a Messenger: Embodied Expertise in Mantuan and Ottoman Envoys in the 1490s” in Mediterranean Studies, 23 (2014), 166-189.
  • Conferences/Lectures


    "Italian—Ottoman Exchange in the 15th Century: Objects, People, Skills". Invited keynote speaker for the Ottoman section of the conference “Europe and the Orient: Past Encounters, Heritage, and Present-Day Interactions”, part of the European Commission funded project ‘Islam is also our history’, hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria (September 2018).

    “The ‘Terrible Turk’ and a ‘Citizen of Hell': Mehmed II, Malatesta and Matteo de’ Pasti”. Invited speaker for “The Power of Arts, The Power of Fame: The Extraordinary Renaissance Court of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini”, UCLA and the Getty Center, Los Angeles (January 2018).

    'Bellini, Bronze and Bombards’. Invited speaker at the conference of the Orientalist Museum, Doha Orientality: Beyond Foreign Affairs’, National Portrait Gallery, London (June 2015).

    “More than a Messenger: Embodied Expertise in Mantuan and Ottoman Envoys in the 1490s”, Conference of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean “Trade, Travel and Transmission in the Medieval Mediterranean”, Churchill College, University of Cambridge (July 2013).

    “Portraits, Turbans and Cuirasses: Material Exchange between Mantua and the Ottomans in the 1490s”, “Global Commodities: The Material Culture of Early Modern Connections, 1400-1800”, University of Warwick Global History and Culture Centre Conference (Dec 2012).

    “The East and Bellini: A re-assessment of Gentile Bellini’s visit to Istanbul”, Renaissance Studies Biennial Conference, University of Manchester (July 2012).

    “The Marquis and the Sultan: Mantuan-Ottoman Cultural Exchange in the 1490s”,‘Beyond Borders: The Impact of Cultural Exchange on Art History’, University of Cambridge conference (May 2012).

    “Ottoman and Gonzaga Envoys as Agents of Exchange”, Early Modern Exchanges Conference, UCL (September 2011).

    “Bellini, Bronze and Bombards”, Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, University of Warwick (April 2011).

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