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Meet Ekaterina Plastinina

Art Curator and Co-Founder
Alma Arts Agency
MA Art Business, London 2013

Being a graduate in Management from one of the most exclusive universities in Moscow – National Research University - Higher School of Economics, I decided to apply my Management skills in the art world. I chose Sotheby’s Institute of Art as my first choice for the MA Art Business program. During my studies I acquired experience in numerous London galleries and global charity organisations. After gathering all my experience and expertise in diverse fields, I decided to create my own art business concept, together with my business partner, forming a contemporary art and interior agency. We not only concentrate on private commissions, but also aim for different collaborations with other markets.

What does your current role entail?

As an art-orientated business based in a booming market such as the Middle East, we have created an art and interior agency, acting as agents for a number of worldwide artists. It is in my key responsibilities to find unique emerging artists for our clientele and projects. I also curate and manage our artists, developing their careers and establishing them in the art market.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I am an explorer by nature and one of the most satisfying aspects is to find rare jewels such as artists and design creatives from around the world. My job requires constant travel and the visiting of multiple art fairs and events, which inspire me to think bigger and brainstorm on new projects.

In what ways does the master’s degree program in Contemporary Art that you took at Sotheby’s Institute help you in your current role?

We had a lot of different lecturers from around the world and diverse fields, who opened my eyes and made me explore different art markets and directions. That is why I decided to join forces with my long time friend, who is an established interior designer in Dubai, to create an art hub for the endless possibilities in creative fields.

Drawing on your own experience, what advice would you give to people hoping to start a career in the art world?

To be open-minded and not limit yourself or see problems as obstacles, but as possibilities to grow and learn on experience.

Do you draw on the Alumni network in your current role?

Since we published information about Alma Arts Agency on the alumni group on Facebook, we have been contacted by many alumni and some have already joined us on a freelance basis, being located worldwide. We also received very warm feedback from my fellow graduates who are also keen on starting projects together.

Where did it all begin? How did you develop your passion for art?

I was born in Moscow, known to be one of the cultural capitals of the world, and have been keen on our rich history and heritage, inspiring me to pursue a career in art.

Is there a specific artwork or experience of art that inspired you?

I was working in the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, being surrounded by classic masterpieces by infamous artists that are timeless and undoubtedly had a great influence in visual terms. Contemporary art is not as developed in Moscow as on the European scene, which made me continue my search for the new and unknown in London through the Sotheby’s Institute of Art MA program.

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