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August 7, 2017As an alumna of Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London, Ashley Woods Hollister knows first-hand the impact that field study work and research have on art education. But, it was not until after a recent trip with Sotheby’s Institute to Las Vegas, as an alumni ambassador, that Ashley was able to put that impact into words:

“I started thinking differently about the commercial sites where I spent so much time, such as airports, hotels, corporate headquarters, great homes, etc. I learned to look again,” Ashley said. “Being a visual person is innate in my profession, but relating to my surroundings via the curated art exhibitions around me was a muscle I didn’t realize had weakened since my time at Sotheby's Institute in London. It was fascinating to see our age's modern masters' works in their commissioned sites and to ponder how, one day, perhaps, the museum retrospective on these pieces will mention this placement. Sotheby’s Institute took me there and provided the atmosphere to digest it all."

"Sotheby’s Institute took me there and provided the atmosphere to digest it all."

Ashley’s experiences with field study have become a driving force in her work for The Squire Foundation, of which she is the Executive Director. The Squire Foundation is committed to the advancement of artists, curators and all manner of creative individuals through elevating the arts from the community level up. The Foundation provides support to community-driven programs throughout California and has built lasting partnerships with art organizations that cultivate creativity.

Recognizing an alignment between the missions of the Foundation and Sotheby’s Institute of Art – Los Angeles, Ashley has forged a new partnership between the two: today, Sotheby’s Institute and Claremont Graduate University are pleased to announce the generous support of The Squire Foundation in the form of a field-study fellowship for MA students in Los Angeles. This fellowship will be awarded each year to one student of high merit with an exemplary record of dedication to the arts and creative expression. The award will subsidize the travel fees that send LA students to art centers in East Asia and Latin America to experience and understand creative production in global markets and contexts.

The 2017-18 recipient is MA Arts Administration candidate, Olivia Schafer. Olivia currently works as the Public Events Coordinator for the UCLA Visual and Performing Arts Education Program (VAPAE). Olivia graduated from UCLA with Bachelor’s of Art degrees in both World Arts and Cultures/Dance and in Communication Studies. She grew up in Orange County, CA, and has been dancing since the age of 4. As she got older, her love of dance grew into an interest in choreography and then from there, she became more involved in production and direction. Her junior year of college, she co-directed a hip-hop on campus; and senior year, she co-produced an interdisciplinary performance hosted by the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at UCLA. These experiences, in addition to other internships and volunteer experiences, have nurtured her future goals and aspirations. As someone who was lucky enough to gain art exposure starting at an early age, Olivia hopes to one day direct or manage her own art program at a school or after-school institution.

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