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when: saturday, november 2 | 14:30-19:15 gmt
WHERE: 30 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3AA, United Kingdom

A half-day conference co-organized by Sotheby’s Institute of Art and TIAMSA, The International Art Market Studies Association.

The aim of this event is to explore the experiences, impact and significance of those art dealers who fled Nazi Europe and set up in the UK before or during the Second World War. In line with other aspects of culture and enquiry at this time, this experience of dislocation changed the art world significantly as well as the status of particular artists and artistic movements, opening up channels for the dissemination of the new trends of the 1920s and 1930s. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Sotheby’s Institute of Art, this event will combine short papers by experts in the field and a panel discussion which will contextualize the experiences and achievements of those who lived through these dramatic times

Speakers include Richard Aronowitz, Cherith Summers, Fran Lloyd, Sue Grayson Ford, Jutta Vinzent, Sarah MacDougall and Lucy Wasensteiner.
For a full list of speaker biographies, click here.

14:30-15:00                 Arrival and Registration
15:00-15:10                  Welcome and Introduction
15:10-15:40                  Refugee Dealers and the London Art Market, Summer 1938
15:40-16:10                  Radical Female Role-models: Pioneering Gallerists Erica Brausen and Mutter Ey
16:10-16:30                  Gains and Pitfalls of Émigrés as Art Dealers. The Modern Art Gallery and the London Gallery
16:30-16:45                  Panel Discussion
16:45-17:15                   Tea/Coffee
17:15-18:30                   Round Table
18:30-19:15                   Wine Reception

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