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Saturday, July 7th
On Running in Museums + Entry to Festival Picnic
Saturday 11.00-12.00pm | Talk | Marcus Verhagen | Sotheby's Institute of Art

The experience of viewing art in a museum is or should be a slow one, or so commentators have repeatedly said. In recent years this view has taken on a new urgency as artists and curators have presented the perceived slowness of art viewing as an antidote to the pace of modern existence. This understanding of the museum as a sanctuary from the cadences of public life has been put forward not just by commentators who perceive art viewing as a defence against the pressures of the modern workplace but also by those who stress the accelerated rhythms of popular culture and see slowness as one of the distinguishing marks of advanced art. These views are seductive—but should be treated with caution. So how do we experience time in museums and galleries? This talk will address that question through a discussion of artworks featuring figures running through museums.

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