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WHENWHERE: THE REEF, 1933 S BROADWAY 7th floor, los angeles, CA 90007

Sotheby’s Institute of Art – Los Angeles, invites you to our MA in Art Business students’ final Master’s Project presentations, the culmination of their degree program.

Master’s projects are of students’ own design: new venture ideas (businesses, arts initiatives, education programs, nonprofit startups, etc.) that build on the skills they’ve developed throughout three semesters of study in the Art Business program. Individual students and teams will present their projects and receive live feedback from panels of arts professionals, faculty, and industry leaders.


When: Wednesday, December 7 and 14, 2016 from 9 AM to 6:00 PM (PDT)
The Reef - 1933 S Broadway 7th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90007, United States

Group 1

Faculty Lead:

Jonathan T. D. Neil, Director Sotheby's Institute of Art Los Angeles

Confirmed Jurors:

Sara Fitzmaurice, Founder & CEO Fitz & Co
Paco Alvarez, Art Curator, Corporate Historian and Z'boutique Buyer for
Karen McManus, Director, Jacqueline Silverman & Associates, Inc.


9:40 AM Arianna Innes-Brown: Muse Swap
Muse Swap is a mobile application that provides a platform for collectors to buy, sell, and trade art with one another, locally and across the nation.
10:00 AM Olivia Davis: Art of Choice
Art of Choice is a mobile application that operates as a social club with different activities and offerings specific to contemporary and fine art.
10:20 AM Allison Shoemaker: Shuu
Shuu is a launchpad for East Asian creatives to reach English speaking audiences in the west through local events, pop-up shops, and an online platform.
10:40 AM Jennifer Tucker: Unearthed
Unearthed is a community of arts and nature enthusiasts working to document earth art and provoke thoughts around environmental conservation
11:00 AM Lauren Coryell & Lauren Cook: Culture Crawl
Culture Crawl is a customizable membership service that provides art aficionados with curated art-based travel itineraries around the globe

11:20 AM BREAK

11:40 AM Xue Peng: Museum & Art
MAC is an art consulting company targets only privately-owned museums in China.
12:00 PM Meng Ren: Artlas
Artlas is a Chinese language app that provides academically sound art history education in a fun and interactive way.
12:20 PM William Buhler: ON VIEW
ON VIEW provides a 3D-Model documentation services for the Fine Art and High Design. Creating detailed and easily accessible 3D models of galleries and individual works of art.
12:40 PM Jacob Janzen: Start Art Legal
Start Art Legal is the online "one-stop" legal shop for creative professionals: translating contracts into plain-English, drafting documents for creative endeavors, and linking artists with trusted attorneys.

Group 2

Faculty Lead:

Hovig TchalianAssistant Professor, Drucker School of Management

Confirmed Jurors:

Anna Borisova, President, Eidos Collective
Rosemary Ringwald, U.S. Trust / Bank of America
Derek Lee, CEO of SubKulture Entertainment


2:00 PM Nicola Knight & Leo Beressi: Black Paper 
BLACK PAPER is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the promotion of African contemporary art, both locally and internationally. BLACK PAPER aims to valorize new models of engagement in the field of art.
2:20 PM Ann Flores: ann flores digital
ann flores digital is a firm specializing in the implementation of e-commerce stores;  with our expertise and services, arts organizations, museums, nonprofits, and not-for-profit organizations will experience growth in earned revenue.
2:40 PM Vanessa Fuchs: A/RT Project
A/RT Project will turn a window shopper into a real time spender through augmented reality. Our team of artists will create a unique experience around products for high-end stores, boutiques, and retail locations.
3:00 PM Lourenca Alencar & Irina Gusin: Edgeworth Drive
Edgeworth Drive is a curatorial firm that focuses on non-traditional spaces. We partner with businesses engaged with staging, real estate and building development to help increase sales, offer a quicker turn-around and entice new audiences.


3:40 PM Darlene Zavala: Triskele Artist Reps
Triskele Artists Reps is an artist representation firm focused on linking emerging contemporary artists in Los Angeles to the many business opportunities throughout Southern California and beyond.
4:00 PM Leka Ulupano: KEM (Kreative Entertainment Media)
Kreative Entertainment Media is a digital marketing firm that will sign and market Kpop groups, in order to help them penetrate the mainstream U.S. music market.
4:20 PM Anna Yakovleva: THE DOERS
THE DOERS is the first creative,  art-driven content studio and artist representation agency in Russia that connects artists with fashion brands. By working at the intersection of art and commerce, The Doers helps fashion brands find new and innovative ways of creating high-impact  campaigns and brand experiences.
4:40 PM Kristin Yamaka: The Philosophy of Us
An online video project that explores the various lenses through which we see the world

5:00PM Cocktail Reception