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Marketing for the Art World

New York

Marketing for the Art World

This course will explore the specialized marketing and public relations tactics needed for the art world, including strategies for social media and digital tools to engage customers and clients for artists, galleries, auction houses, museums, and art fairs.

As a unique field that contains a complex web of relationships, the art world requires a specialized approach to marketing and public relations. This introductory course will survey the tactics used to create integrated marketing and communications campaigns for a variety of clients, such as artists, art fairs, galleries, auction houses, and museums. Basic strategies of marketing and public relations will be explored, along with methods for making the most of social media platforms and other new digital tools to develop and deepen customer relationships and engagement.

According to Ruth Millington, Head of Careers at Sotheby’s Institute, there are a number of tried and tested skills including social media and email marketing, that can enhance your career in the art world. In Ruth’s opinion, “as the art market evolves at such a rapid pace, it’s not only digital skills but flexibility, an openness to learning about and working with new technologies, and creativity which will all be in high demand among employers. Therefore, there is a real opportunity right now for graduates to not only enter into, but take a leading role, in the new high-tech art world.”

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  • Date
    June 12, 2023 – June 16, 2023
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    10am – 4pm EST
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    1 Week
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    New York
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Learning Outcomes

  • To identify the specific communications skills required by the visual arts industry across a wide range of subject areas: from audience research, media planning, and creative development to brand identity, social media, and digital marketing.

  • To analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing and communications approaches across a variety of art world contexts.

  • To utilize common tools and strategies to begin creating PR and marketing campaigns for the field.


Katy Hamer

Adjunct Faculty, New York

Katy Diamond Hamer is an art writer with a focus on contemporary art and culture. Writing reviews, profiles, interviews and previews, she started the online platform Eyes Towards the Dove in 2007 and was first published in print in 2011 with Flash Art International. Hamer had a column with Flash Art from 2011-2016 called New York Tales. Interview highlights include Robert Storr, Helmut Lang, Courtney Love, Takashi Murakami, and Rebecca Horn.

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  • Sample Topics

    Sample Topics

    • Overview of the Art World’s Audiences: Customer Profiles for Each Sector 
    • Marketing Channels, Strategies, and Research 
    • Expanding Customer Bases through Digital Tools 
  • Course Completion

    Course Completion

    Course participants take away in-depth and valuable insight into the current and future art world. Those who successfully complete their course will receive a certificate of completion from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

  • Requirements


    English Language Requirement

    Course participants should be proficient in written and spoken English and be able to participate in group discussions and presentations in English.

    Age Requirement

    Courses are open to participants 18 years of age or older.

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    All fees are listed in pounds sterling. However, at the time of registration, registrants will have the option to pay in the currency associated with their billing address according to the current conversion rate. For more details regarding payment, please see our Terms and Conditions.