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Terms and Conditions of Enrolment – London

Master’s Degree Programme and Postgraduate Diploma (2020-2021)

Enrolment is complete only when Sotheby’s Institute of Art - London (the “Institute”) has received by the deadline indicated in your offer letter (1) your Student Enrolment Form, signed and submitted online via the Welcome Site, which indicates acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Enrolment in their entirety, (2) your Deposit of £1000, and (3) the required programme fee. The Institute reserves the right to require you to withdraw from a programme at any time should you fail to pay any part of your fees.

Programme and Travel Fees

Master’s Degree Programme duration: September 2020 – September 2021
Postgraduate Diploma duration: September 2020 – June 2021

Programme Fees cover all lectures, seminars and practical sessions. The cost of housing, meals and all other personal expenses are your responsibility.

Travel Fees cover all required study trips, including air and ground transport and lodging (accommodation consists of a shared twin room in a three or four star hotel). All other costs and expenses for meals, or changes in accommodations, are your responsibility. Travel fees are mandatory.

Please note that foreign visits may require separate visas. It is the individual student’s responsibility to ascertain whether a visa is necessary and to make sure the correct visa is obtained well in advance of study trips. Programme Coordinators can provide supporting letters if necessary.

Payment Methods for Programme and Travel Fees

Payment should be made via our approved payment provider Flywire, or, for deposit and deferral payments only, via credit / debit card through our welcome site.

Further details about the methods of payment are included on the last page of this document.

Cancellation and Withdrawal

Cancellation by You during Cooling-off Period

You have the right to cancel enrolment in writing within 14 days, starting on the day following the acceptance date entered on the Student Enrolment Form. In such event, the Institute will refund your fees paid including the deposit paid (except where the programme commences within seven days following the date of acceptance, in which case you will be deemed to have enrolled and your refund, if any, will be governed by the terms set forth under “Withdrawal by You other than during the Cooling-off Period”). Cancellation may be made in writing preferably using this ‘Cancelation of a Place Form’, attached, sent to the Admissions Department at

Cancellation of Programme by the Institute

If the Institute cancels your programme, it will notify you in writing as far in advance as possible and refund your deposit and any programme and travel fees that you have paid. Other than refunding your fees, the Institute accepts no liability for expenses or losses you or any third party may incur because of a programme’s cancellation.

Withdrawal by You other than during the Cooling Off Period

The Institute will refund your programme fees in full, minus the non-refundable deposit fee, if your notice of withdrawal is received in writing at least six weeks prior to the first day of Orientation of your Programme. The Institute does not normally refund programme fees after this time. If you withdraw during the period commencing six weeks prior to the first day of Orientation, but outside the 14 day cooling off period, and ending at the end of the fourth week of Semester One, you may apply for a partial discretionary programme fee refund on exceptional grounds, calculated on the basis of the refund schedule set forth below. To apply, you must write to the Registrar at, providing an explanation for your withdrawal and reasons why yours should be considered an exceptional case. You should include supporting documentation, if any. The Institute will consider the appeal and its decision will be final. If you defer your enrolment to the next academic year during this period, the Institute will refund your programme fees in full, minus the deposit of £1000 and the £2000 deferral fee.

After the conclusion of the fourth week of Semester One, you will be responsible for paying in full the fees for the entire programme. If you choose to withdraw during the programme after the fourth week of Semester One, you will not be entitled to any refund.

Discretionary refund schedule

Refunds are payable to the originator and the originator’s bank account using the same method of initial payment.

The Institute will refund travel fees based on the cost incurred at the date of withdrawal. For the avoidance of doubt, costs incurred include costs already committed in respect of future trips where the Institute is unable to obtain a refund following the withdrawal.

Involuntary Withdrawal

If you are asked to leave the programme as a result of failing academic work, disciplinary issues, non-payment of fees or non-attendance, as outlined in the student handbook, the Institute will not refund any fees to you. This includes MA-registered students who fail to progress to the MA dissertation.

Withdrawal due to Visa Issues – Non UK/Non EU Students

You are responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate visa to enable you to study in the UK. If you are unable to obtain a visa and have supporting documentary evidence to show this, you can apply in writing to the Admissions Committee at to be considered for a refund of tuition fees already paid (minus the deposit) as per the section entitled “Withdrawal by you other than during the cooling off period”, unless:

  • You applied for a visa that does not make you eligible to study in the UK on a course of study that leads to a qualification at level 7 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) for a duration of nine months for the Postgraduate Diploma or twelve months for the MA.
  • The visa was refused due to fraudulent activity on your part or if you provided incorrect information.

The Institute will refund travel fees in this situation based on the cost incurred at the date of withdrawal.

Deferral of Enrollment

If you wish to defer your enrolment offer to the next academic year you must officially request a deferral by completing the Student Deferral Form available from the Admissions Office. The Institute requires a £2000 deferral fee in addition to the £1000 deposit to defer. You must return the completed form and the deposit and deferral fee to the Admissions Department to hold a place on the programme. You will need to pay a further deposit by the end of April in the following year, to confirm your intention to take up you deferred place. The deposit and deferral fee will be deducted from the balance of tuition fees for the year in which you enrol, so long as you enrol within one year of your initial acceptance date.

After this one year, the Institute will no longer hold a place for you (and you will need to re-apply should you wish to attend the Institute). In such event, the Institute will retain all funds that you paid. Please note that you will have to pay any increase in tuition fees for the year in which you will join the programme.

Transfers between Programs

Because of UK visa regulations, students on a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa who wish to transfer to another MA or Postgraduate Diploma at the London campus may request this only before they have initiated their visa application. They should contact Admissions in the first instance. After this they will be unable to switch programmes. Other students who wish to transfer to another MA or Postgraduate Diploma at the London campus may request this up to the end of the second week of the programme. In order for any such transfer to be considered, students should submit a formal request to the Deputy Director providing a rationale for the transfer. No transfer will be final without the agreement of the Programme Directors of each programme. Students will be liable for any travel fees already incurred in relation to the original course for which they have enrolled as well as the travel fees for their new programme.

Transfers between Campuses

Students who have received an offer to enrol at the London campus are not guaranteed a place at the New York campus. If you would like to request a transfer you may do so by contacting the Admissions Department at before classes begin. If space is available in the chosen programme, and there is sufficient time for visa applications and/or other necessary formalities, the Programme Director will review your application and credentials to determine whether you may transfer. In most cases you will be contacted for a phone interview before a final decision is confirmed. In most cases the deposit fee is transferable but a difference due to changes in interest and exchange rates at the time of the transfer may be charged to the student. Students transferring to New York are liable to pay the tuition fees relating to the New York campus. Please note that London degrees are awarded by the University of Manchester and degrees at the New York campus are conferred by the Board of Regents of the State of New York.

Third Semester Option in New York

The Third Semester Study option in New York allows for an additional full semester of coursework in a second area of study and the completion of a capstone project that is practice-based, in place of a dissertation. Students may choose from among the following MA curricula: Fine and Decorative Art and Design, Art Business, or Contemporary Art.

The Third Semester Study option requires a total of 3 full-time semesters with time off during the summer between the second and third semesters. The degree conferred at the end of the Third Semester Study Option is granted by SIA-NY and the Board of Regents of the State of New York; students completing this program will not receive their MA from the University of Manchester.  The title of the MA awarded will reflect the program on which the student is registered at SIAL.  Students will be expected to undertake a third semester on a different program from the one on which they were originally registered.  Candidates for the Third Semester must be in good academic standing at the completion of their first year MA coursework.  Good academic standing is defined as having a grade point average of at least 3.0 (within the Merit 60-69% banding, or higher) with no failures or incomplete grades. Students are liable to pay tuition and travel fees consistent with the campus and program they enroll in, and will be subject to the regulations of Sotheby’s Institute in New York during that semester.

The Programmes

The Institute aims to ensure that the student learning experience, as described in the prospectus and student handbooks, is delivered and maintained at all times. In some circumstances the Institute may have to vary the method of delivery of your programme, and in some cases, the syllabus may be altered or updated. In the unlikely event that the Institute discontinues your programme or changes it significantly, whether before you start your programme or once you have begun, we will tell you at the earliest possible opportunity. If this happens before you start your course, you may wish to withdraw your application; if you do so, the Institute will provide you with support and guidance in finding an alternative programme either at the Institute or at another UK university.

Subject always to the previous paragraph, the Institute will make all reasonable efforts to deliver your programme as described in the institute’s prospectus. There may be occasions where due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances it becomes necessary to make significant changes to a course or to withdraw it or part of it, e.g. a particular unit/elective. Such action could become necessary if for example the following were to occur:

  • a member of staff leaves the Institute and we are unable to find a suitable replacement (e.g. with the requisite academic knowledge/experience);
  • a professional body or regulator/accreditor requires changes to be made to a course or withdraws their accreditation of a course;
  • changes have to be made to reflect legislative changes/requirements;
  • changes have to be made to reflect changes in standards set by relevant regulators and/or in keeping with best practice or developments related to the particular discipline/subject area;
  • student feedback clearly indicates that immediate changes be made to a course or unit; or
  • an unanticipated external event or issue with the buildings results in disruption to delivery;
  • unexpected low recruitment to a programme/course or unit/elective means it is simply no longer viable or practical to run it.

In the event that the Institute has to make such material changes to a programme, as described above, it will make students aware of these changes as early as possible and highlight if the Institute’s Refunds and Compensation Policy applies. You can find this policy here.

Re-submission Fees

Where students are advised following the MA exam board to re-submit their dissertation, a £500 resubmission fee will be charged which covers extended access to SIA-London resources and other costs incurred for extending the student’s registration at the Institute, and with the University of Manchester. This fee will be charged regardless of whether the student spends this additional time in London. Students who require a Tier 4 visa extension as a result of re-submitting a dissertation will be charged a further £100 administration fee. The cost of the visa extension will be at the student’s own expense. NB. Usually applications for Tier 4 visa extensions have to be made from the student’s home country.

Student Handbook and Conduct

Acceptance of your offer of admission presumes an agreement to abide by the policies and follow the required procedures outlined in the Institute’s Postgraduate Student Handbook and outlined on the Institute’s website. You can find these policies here. Access to the Handbook will be made available via Canvas Learning Management System and all students will be required to acknowledge that they have reviewed its contents and agree to compliance during orientation.

Note: It is essential that you keep our offer letter and the letter acknowledging receipt of the fee as these are useful for official purposes. If you are not a citizen of the European Community, these documents may be required for your UK visa application.

Payment Details:

Payment of tuition and travel fees should be made via our approved payment provider Flywire.

On your first visit to the Flywire site you will be asked to create an account which can be used to make all subsequent payments to the Institute. Depending on where you are making your payment from, you will be presented with a variety of ways to pay, which will usually be expressed in terms of your local currency. In most cases this will include the option to make a domestic bank transfer or pay by credit / debit card.

Please note the following:
You must ensure that you complete the student information details in full, including your student ID, course name and your email address in order for us to be able to identify your payment.
You should also contact the Finance department to inform them that your payment has been initiated –

By Credit / Debit Card:
Follow the steps on the secure online enrolment form on the Welcome Site to make the deposit payment by credit or debit card (deposit and deferral payments only). A surcharge of 2% applies to credit card payments. Please note that we do not accept American Express cards via the Welcome Site.

Personal data

Prospective students should familiarise themselves with Sotheby’s Institute’s Privacy Policy which outlines how and why personal data is collected, stored, processed and shared. You can find this policy here.

Intellectual property

As a statement of general principle Sotheby’s Institute of Art - London recognises the student is the owner of any intellectual property rights they produce while a registered student of the Institute. This principle may be subject to variation in the case of collaborative or externally sponsored work, or other exceptional circumstances.

Version Update: 18/09/2019

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