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Dr Marcus Verhagen

Senior Lecturer, MA Contemporary Art, London

Marcus Verhagen is a senior lecturer for the MA in Contemporary Art in London. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on visual culture in France in the late nineteenth century. Still working on nineteenth-century art, he taught in the nineties at universities in both Britain and the States. Working primarily on contemporary art in the years since 2002, he has written about seventy articles and reviews for art magazines such as Art Monthly, Art Review and Frieze. He has published in several periodicals, including Representations, New Left Review, Third Text and Afterall. Much of his recent work revolves around globalisation; he has, for instance, written articles on migration and tourism as crucial concerns in contemporary art. Verhagen has a PhD in art history, University of California, Berkeley  and a BA from Cambridge University.


Dr Marcus Verhagen
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    Since earning his PhD in art history from the University of California at Berkeley, Marcus has taught at universities in both the States (University of California at Berkeley, Reed College) and Britain (Manchester University). Initially specialising in French art of the nineteenth century, he concentrated on the response of the fin-de-siècle avant-gardes to the rise of mass culture, publishing articles on the topic in academic journals and anthologies.

    For over ten years now he has been working primarily on the art of the present. His current research revolves mostly around globalisation and the efforts of artists to examine its effects. He has recently published articles on the border as a concern in recent art, on the figure of the tourist as a model for the travelling artist and on video as a means of examining changing experiences of time that have come in the wake of globalisation. He is also interested in the afterlife of modernist utopianism, in debates around participation and in art that concerns itself with gratuity, dysfunction and failure.

    He has published in periodicals such as Representations, Third Text, New Left Review and Afterall, he has contributed essays, reviews and interviews to magazines such as Art Monthly, Modern Painters, Frieze and Art Review, and he occasionally writes catalogue essays.
  • Recent Publications

    Recent Publications

    “Glocalisation”, Art Monthly, May 2015, pp. 13-16

    “Globalisation”, Art Monthly, April 2015, pp. 6-9

    Translation’s Gradient”, Afterall, Spring 2015, pp. 102-110,

    “Past Participating”, New Left Review, Jan./Feb. 2014, pp. 133-140

    “13th Istanbul Biennial”, Third Text Online, December 2013

    “Border Control”, Art Monthly, March 2013, pp. 11-14

    “(Art) Tourism”, Art Monthly, July/Aug. 2012, pp. 7-10

    “2011 Istanbul Biennial”, Third Text, May 2012, pp. 363-368

    Moyra Davey: Slack Time” , Afterall, Spring 2012, pp. 18-25

    “Works in a Minor Key”, Art Monthly, Nov. 2011, pp. 9-12

    “A Shot in the Dark”, Saskia Olde Wolbers: A Shot in the Dark, Vienna Secession, 2011, pp.33-36

    “There’s No Success Like Failure; Martin Kippenberger”, in Lisa Le Feuvre ed., Failure, London and Cambridge, Mass., Whitechapel Gallery and MIT Press, 2010, pp. 43-46

    “The Nomad and the Altermodern”, Third Text, November 2009, pp.803-812

    “Pleasure & Pain”, interview with Omer Fast, Art Monthly, Oct. 2009, pp.1-4

    “Conceptual Perspex”, in Monika Szeweczyk ed., Meaning Liam Gillick, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., and London, 2009, pp.46-57

    “Fast Time, Slow Time”, Slow Movement oder: Das Halbe und das Ganze, Kunsthalle Bern, 2009, pp.60-76

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