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The art trade has long been considered an "exceptional economy", but how "exceptional" is it really, and why? This course provides an overview of classic and contemporary business frameworks and uses them to explore the many businesses--artists' studios, galleries, auction houses, transportation services, storage facilities, insurance providers, and more--that make up the art trade. How each business positions itself strategically within its industry, identifies and reaches its target market, and how these activities conform to and diverge from standard business practices are examined. By the end of the course, students will have both a comprehensive view of the art business field and a nuanced understanding of its particular challenges—and rewards.

By the end of this course students will…

  • Understand the various actors that comprise the art trade and how they interact.
  • Reinforce fundamental tenets of economics and finance and art's exceptions to them.
  • Analyze a wide array of art businesses to assess their strategic positioning and marketing effectiveness.

Webinar: Summer Study New York
Join us to learn about the Sotheby’s Institute of Art - Summer Study Program in New York. Our 2 and 4-week courses in art business, contemporary art, and art history provide privileged access to art venues and the expertise of professionals, in one of the great art capitals of the world. The webinar will include a presentation about the program, followed by a live Q&A.

The Details
  • Course Dates

    Course Dates

    Time: Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM.
    Date: June 4 - June 28, 2018 (4-week course).
    Venue: 570 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022.
  • Faculty


    Paul Melton, Faculty, MA Art Business , New York

    Paul Melton has over 12 years of experience working strategy research and communications across five countries and several industries, including branding and strategic planning for the arts, telecommunications industry analysis, and international development at the World Bank. Paul has received a Javits Fellowship from the US Department of Education and has been an invited speaker in both industry and academic fora in the US, Brazil and China. His doctoral research concentrated on representations of the art market and the logics of neoliberalism, which he continues to explore; his other research interests include financializtion, epistemology, and postsecuralism as they relate to art and its markets. Paul holds a BS in Math, a BA in Spanish, both from the University of Kansas, and a PhD from New York University.
  • Sample Topics

    Sample Topics

    • Breaking All The Rules: Art's Exceptional Status in Economic Thinking

    • A Brief History of the Art Market

    • Strategic Frameworks: From Porter's Five Forces to Lean Strategy

    • What's Love Got to Do with It

    • Perspectives on Branding

    • Art Firms: Aesthetically Led Businesses in and out of the Art World

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  • Course Fees And Registration

    Course Fees And Registration

    $3,750 for one course or $7,000 for two 4-week courses.
    One 4-week with one 2-week: $5,700.

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  • Further Information

    Further Information

    For further information, please contact:
    Suzanne Julig, Director, Summer Study NY
    Email: or Request Information

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