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This intensive course provides a fascinating path through the major themes and transcultural currents in Asian art from its origins to the present day. The course further includes an analysis of Asian art and its increasingly important position in the global art market, examining works of art from India, the Middle East, China, Japan and Korea. Students acquire a knowledge of the stylistic development of ritual, religious, pictorial and decorative art from Asia as well as an understanding of the role of trade and religious transmission in fostering connections between the material cultures of different Asian regions. The course combines object-specific and object-based learning with broad cultural, economic and political contexts.

The fourth week of the course focuses on the turbulent but exciting period of the twentieth century and culminates with contemporary Chinese, Indian and Korean art, enabling students to develop a better understanding of the regions’ key contemporary artists.

Students are taught by a variety of experts in small groups. They develop their visual and critical abilities in the identification, analysis and interpretation of objects, and acquire skills that are essential for working in the art world.

Visits to leading museums and galleries complement the classroom-based lectures.

This course is also available in one-week modules:
Week 1: Art of India and the Middle East
Week 2: Art of China
Week 3: Art of Japan and Korea
Week 4: Contemporary Asian Art

The course is introductory and requires no prior knowledge of the field.

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The Details
  • Course Dates

    Course Dates

    26th June - 20th July, 2018.
  • Faculty


    Viv Lawes - Course Leader
    Dr. Anne Farrer
    Julia Hutt
    Dr. Katie Hill
    Dr. Konstanze Knittler
  • Sample Topics And Suggested Reading

    Sample Topics And Suggested Reading

    • Indian sculpture

    • Buddhist art and architecture

    • Hindu art and iconography

    • Islamic glass and metalwork

    • Islamic lustre wares

    • Safavid painting

    • Mughal painting

    • Ancient Chinese jades and bronzes

    • Chinese landscape and literati painting

    • Chinese Song ceramics

    • Chinese court painting

    • Imperial Chinese ceramics

    • Early Korean Buddhist art

    • Korean decorative art

    • Japanese Buddhist art

    • Japanese ceramics

    • Japanese Lacquerwork

    • Japanese Inro and Netsuke

    • Ukiyo-e Prints and Paintings

    Suggested Reading

    Carey, Moya, An illustrated history of Islamic art and design, London, 2012
    Mason, Penelope, History of Japanese Art, Prentice Hall, 2004
    Mitter, Partha, Indian Art, Oxford 2001
    Portal, Jane, Korea: Art and Archaeology, London, 2000
    Rawson, Jessica (ed.), The British Museum Book of Chinese Art, London 1992
  • Academic Credits And Assessment

    Academic Credits And Assessment

    Academic Credits
    Four-week summer courses are validated by The University of Manchester. Students completing one four-week Summer Study course are awarded 20 University of Manchester undergraduate credits.

    Students are assessed by a slide test, essay and oral presentation. These are intended not only to assist students in their understanding of the subject matter of the course but also in developing a range of skills useful for work in the art world.
  • Study Visits

    Study Visits

    London is a major centre for the study of Asian art. A variety of faculty-led visits to museums and galleries in London and surroundings forms an integral part of the learning experience.

    Sample venues:

    • Hotung Gallery, British Museum

    • Addis Gallery, British Museum

    • Percival David Collection of Chinese ceramics, British Museum

    • TT Tsui Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum

    • Ceramic Galleries, Victoria and Albert Museum

    • Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

    • Commercial London galleries dealing in Asian art

  • Course Fees And Application

    Course Fees And Application

    £2,950 for one four-week course
    £4,900 for two four-week courses

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  • Contact And Request Information

    Contact And Request Information

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    Samantha Roberts-Aird, Admissions Officer
    Email: or Request Information
    Tel: +44 (0)20 7462 3251

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