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Semester Programmes in London

Spring session: 25th & 26th January - 11th May, 2016

Foundations of Western Art
Art and Business
Art Business Foundations and Placement
Art Museums, Galleries and Curating
Asian Art and its Markets
Decorative Art and Design

Autumn session: 7th September - 17th December, 2015

Foundations of Western Art
Art and Business
Art Business Foundations and Placement
Art Museums, Galleries and Curating

These courses will run again in Autumn 2016.
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Sotheby’s Institute of Art—London offers a number of full-time fifteen-week programmes, some of which can also be taken on a part-time basis. Different subjects are offered in the autumn and spring semesters, but each combines academic study with an insight into the professional art world and takes full advantage of the rich cultural resources that London offers.

Designed for students who have a strong vocational or professional interest in a specific subject, these programmes can also provide the necessary foundation for students who lack an art history background and are applying to the Postgraduate Diploma and MA programmes at the Institute.

Programmes are validated by the University of Manchester. Students completing one full-time programme are awarded 60 University of Manchester undergraduate credits.

London Study Abroad

Students who wish to study abroad may transfer credit from these Semester programmes to their home institution. Transfer of credit to other colleges and universities is always at the discretion of the accepting institution. Therefore, applicants should confirm the feasibility of credit transfer with their faculty advisors in advance of registration at Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Colleges and universities in North America have accepted 16 credits at the undergraduate level and 12 postgraduate credits per semester programme. European students may be eligible to transfer 30 credits per semester programme under the European Credit Transfer system.

Further Information

For more information on Semester Programmes, please e-mail:
Kate Altman, Admissions Officer at
or call T +44 (0)20 7462 3255.

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